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Brad Eden

New Member Registration schedule can be checked in the following Topic. Registration is not ON full time. New Member Registration Schedule


UJ continues to enjoy a steady stream of newly Registered Members. Welcome to all of you, and we are all looking forward to your positive participation. I strongly suggest you review the Board Guidelines that have been in place since 2002. The most significant component being that UJ is a NO POLITICS BOARD. LInk:  UJ BOARD GUIDELINES


UJ stays afloat mainly through Member Donations. Once a Donation is made you are placed in the Contributing Member Group with extra Priviliges. The most significant being the ability to upload and place photos directly to Posts. Frankly, I am getting very few new Donations/Contributing Members. Hopefully after a spell as a UJ Member people appreciate the Board and are willing to Support it. Link:  New Members/Donations/Priviliges