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This announcement is no longer active

Brad Eden

To the Membership at large and particularly new Members.  Bird hunting seasons have begun, and with that Bird Hunting Topics/Reports are pouring onto the UJ Board. That's awesome and an important part of the discussions on these Forums. We all look forward to the narrative and photos, etc


Here's the "But". Outside of the state and broad regions, please keep details of the areas being hunted private. UJ is predominantly a Public Board/Resource and we have many Guests or "Lurkers" who frequent our Forums . Please don't post Photos showing signs or obvious specific landmarks of areas being hunted. Bird hunters, especially locals, are extremely protective of their hunting haunts whether they be a small microcover in the northeast, or wide open prairie or desert in the West and Southwest. After almost 17 years of taking a fair degree of heat for running a bird hunting Board, and accusations that the UJ Board is a Hotspotting haven, I've had enough. I will edit, hide, and remove any Topics or Posts or Photos that reveal too much information about hunting areas. 


If interested in more info on a particular Bird Hunting Report Topic or Post, please use the Private Message System to try get additional information. I hope this Policy doesn't dampen any enthusiasm and the participation, but is  for the good of all Members, the Boards security and my sanity.


Thank you.