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  2. Testing Photobucket

    Was with peeebucket for a long time. Not anymore & not again. Once was enough. Best of Luck to you. Nice pic & fine looking dog.
  3. Concrete repair ?

    marine tex is a bit pricy, but its got a great consistency for those types of repairs. its usually white, but you can tint it a bit to match that grey concrete color.
  4. What a Racket

    Coyotes eat cats when they can get them. Maybe coyote will get the cat, probably the 1st week after she leaves for school??
  5. Do you battle with routine skin cancer

    yes. three melanomas removed so far- first at age 26 or so. I am 42 now. I go see my dermatologist every few months and he cuts out a few strange looking moles. redhead, outdoor lover, played outdoor sports all my life, and lots of moles.
  6. Lord Stanley's Cup - New season time

    caps played with a purpose last night- like they played game one and two.
  7. Lord Stanley's Cup - New season time

    Absolute domination by the Caps. They played a complete game from start to finish. Good for them but that's enough. Go Bolts!!!
  8. New Rifle

    I liked mine too but found it a little unsteady due to the balance with the thin, 20" barrel. I liked everything about it better than my Win. 70 fwt classic except that. I tried to make it up to myself by getting a Ruger 77 Standard Hawkeye. I haven't really used it except sighting it in but it's a very nice rifle.
  9. What a Racket

    That's hard to believe. The teacher should be confronted and kitten returned. And honestly, my daughters would never have brought home any animal pet no matter where they got it, without running it by me. And the answer would have been no.

    I presume this is OLD NEWS here. Received this via email: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/163854dc1ebca966
  11. waterfowl hunting scenery

    Sweet old Lab pic on top. I'm soft for the old ones.
  12. waterfowl hunting scenery

    Don't recall seeing one quite like that in the Stormy Kromer lineup.
  13. New Rifle

    I had a good long run with Ruger 77 Ultralight in .308. Super handy whitetail rig.
  14. What a Racket

    Now that is one smart teacher and you now have a new garage cat
  15. Lord Stanley's Cup - New season time

    Of course, I loved the outcome, but what a whale of a hockey game. Once again, I love this time of year!
  16. What a Racket

    When I got home from work last evening, I was introduced to my daughter's high school "graduation present" from one of her teachers....a kitten. This guy managed to pass off an entire litter of cats this way, all to girls who are going to be moving away to college in two months. Before I could open my mouth it was clear my wife was on board. That's how the kids get their way, they go to mom who's guiding principle for raising kids is to do whatever it takes to make them happy in the moment. We have a garage cat, actually a very good one which is one in a hundred, didn't want another.
  17. Fbrit for duck retriever?

    Fwiw, photobucket is/was free again, while new management promotes more reasonable rates and tries to save it from the last pirate's folly.
  18. Today
  19. My new toy!

    Don, do you have a specific niche in mind for your new Ugartechea? There's not much it won't do well!
  20. WHITE WATER - A photograph.

    Chris, Thanks much. He's certainly got "big heart". Stay tuned, great things to come from MAC. Cheers, THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇺🇸🇮🇪
  21. Mount Dessert Island

    I've spent considerable time on Mt Desert Island on vacations as a kid and now live about an hour away. I mainly fished off the shore in salt water for mackerel, have never done any fresh water fishing there. But there are some very pristine ponds and lakes that are open for fishing. Many rent canoes and kayaks. Echo lake and Long Lake come to mind. Mainly Smallmouth Bass but also Brook trout and stocked rainbows I would imagine. Outside of info here I would pick up a fishing law book when in Maine and the same info can be found in online. MEIF&W Fishing Info
  22. Coffee

    Preferably Dunkin' Donuts brand medium roast whole Bean, ground and brewed in a Cuisinart. Or same but pre ground. Just a smudge, maybe 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar and splash of half and half, light cream or while milk. About a mug and a half in morning. That's it.
  23. WHITE WATER - A photograph.

    This little guy is something. There's another one comes from PA on this site that's bold like this little guy. For me watching this little guy grow will be as en"joy"able to watch as he put's it together ! Little guy's all in ! Very nice !
  24. Many thanks to Irishwhistler

    Bradford I believe that's what your friends call you Because of the way you have created and run this show as long as you keep doing what your doing and folks like Mike the irishwhistler are here this place will remain a success and joy of a place to come relax and unwind. Though at times you claim to be a grumpy type individual so many times I sit here with my cup of morning coffee smile,laugh and even cry. In closing to me you will always be B~K the Big Kahuna ! & Mike's a good egg . A stand -up guy !
  25. WHITE WATER - A photograph.

    WHITE WATER - A photograph. Wee MAC, me Labrador Retriever gun dog prospect pup decided it was high time he get wet with the big dogs and entered the rain swollen waters of Little River one day prior to his 12th week o' life. As TRAD and BROOKS darted in and out of the native trout stream MAC seemingly could not wait any longer and soon joined in the festivities. T'was not long before the current washed him downstream and into a deeper pool that caused him to lose contact with the bottom and he was instantaneously swimming and enjoying his new found form of mobility. No worse for wear and never in danger, I know that MAC will just thrive at his next chance to swim later this week. Cheers, THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
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