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  2. browndrake


    I am a draht man, but we got a pup from Trish and I love it. I love to watch my draht work, but our little American cocker is a joy to watch. He loves birds he loves to retrieve, he loves to be with us. He is smart. He bounces all over the field while searching and covers ground well. He is cooperative and responsive. I have to change things up while training because he quickly will anticipate what I want him to do. I have heard people say that American cockers aren't really bred for hunting any more. That is surely not true of Trish 's dogs.
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  4. OldSarge

    New Tires

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs. Maybe not in the price range but dang good tires.
  5. ruffed1

    Deutsch Drathaar breeders..Midwest

    I have had a number Of DD’s. My latest is a dog I bought from Dwight. He is the fine bird dog and a hell of a waterfowl dog. He is an exceptionally smart dog and was fairly easy to train with the exception of force breaking which he took a bit longer than the other dogs I’ve trained. He lives happily in a house with My girlfriends 2 cats. Dwight is kind of a gruff guy, but a straight shooter. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another dog from him if I liked the parents. I was looking at his website recently and it seems he only has a couple of dogs these days. Regarding aggressive dogs, most dd’s are sharp on fur, but I haven’t had any trouble with them being aggressive toward people or dogs. I’ve had other dogs that were fighters, a couple of beagles, and a setter. You can get an a-hole from any breed.
  6. Geoff Roznak

    Nice Pike Post Cold Front

    😀 That doesn't fit my definition of shooting fish in a barrel, you worked to find those fish and found some that were ready to eat. That's just good fishing!
  7. Rafterboy

    Deutsch Drathaar breeders..Midwest

    Hi Drew Is there something behind this comment?
  8. bgreen

    New England Setters

    I think I saw that dog run and win a trial in Maine last year. Impressive dog.
  9. Irishwhistler


    ~ A Right Proper Afternoon ~ So me good Mate Fred and his wife Kathleen, joined meself and me wife Lisa on a grand walk with our Labrador Retrievers this morn. Sufficiently tuckered and hungry, we returned to our home and sampled some succulents out on our rear deck. Fred and I delighted in some tall stouts kept company by a few drams o' Proper Twelve. The ladies sipped some "foo foo" cocktails that would likely curl me toes for their being sickeningly sweet. The warm sun above was cut short by a large umbrella hovering o'er our table. Lisa had prepared some wonderful appetizers that led to a course o' thick juicy beef burgers and chicken breasts served with sides o' summer squash and a pasta salad. The conversation flowed with the comfort o' that tempered by a friendship o'er thirty years or a wee bit more in duration . A light breeze kept us all sufficiently cool despite the warming o' the sun, our retrievers seeking shade under our table, hopeful for the occasional morsel o' food that might fall from above. Some fine Trad tunes played by Gaelic Storm provided background music for our enjoyment. Many fine memories shared in the recollection o' times spent together traveling, hiking, attending concerts, and sharing the ups and downs that life has bestowed upon us. Yes indeed, t'was a right proper afternoon. Slainte, Mike ☘️🇮🇪🇺🇸
  10. terrym

    Deutsch Drathaar breeders..Midwest

    Interesting. I was at a CKC hunt test and the guy setup across from me had 3 DD’s. I agree, they were very relaxed and quiet dogs. My Britt scored a perfect score that day as did one of the DD’s.
  11. tut

    Montana General Questions

    Falling into the FWIW category, I've been to Montana twice in Mid-October both over 20 years ago. Never was a snake seen. No Porky's seen either. If it wasn't for a 32 hour drive from Va, I would have gone back. Love the state. Lots of BLM land.
  12. gunsrus

    Z Grills

    Next weekend wife's birthday . Headed this week to my butcher to have him pick out a good brisket for me . She loves brisket .
  13. Snipeaholic

    Z Grills

    @gunsrus So where are the pics of the first outing with the Z Grill? Old school kettle Weber is getting it done at the lake but is getting weary.
  14. bigjohnsd

    Montana General Questions

    Quarantine off effective June 1st as they move into "Stage 2" recovery mode. Montana Phased Approach
  15. bigjohnsd

    F150 question

    Yes the Ford Factory Trailer Towing PKG with a Factory Installed Ford brake Controller does tell you those things. I don't know if a dealer or self-installed Ford Brake controller will provide that info without some kind of dealer provided ECU change. That would be worth a call to a dealer but you only have a 50% chance of getting the right answer.
  16. Rafterboy

    2020 season is a go!

    Thanks John. I have to admit that I was seriously concerned about Saike - after losing the first season to injury and not really doing well until the tail end of last year, then missing nearly a month of this season to Kung Flu....... let's just say that I was a happy camper to see her pick it up on Saturday. I'm hoping to get out Wednesday afternoon, and this weekend is a long weekend. Happy Birthday Mrs Windsor, from all of us. I'll be in Taupo for most of it, working on the house. Hoping to get out for a couple of hours each day though. Those birds won't shoot themselves, you know.
  17. bigjohnsd

    2020 season is a go!

    Sounds like a great Hunt Ross. Glad you got out and that the dog worked well.
  18. bigjohnsd

    Your loss...

    Fried Egg - that is a travesty, so "Un-Hip" It has to be a poached egg or you can be denied "Hipster SZtatus" for life. At least that is how they made it in Australia where I got started on this kick. Multi-Grain Toast, 1/4 smashed Avocado on each piece, 3 half slices of good bacon, a poached egg on top.
  19. Rafterboy

    2020 season is a go!

    We headed back towards the Toyota, hunting the side guts on the way, without any more birds. Then a hedgerow hunted from both sides had a rooster sneak away from Rainer, and take off at Laurie's feet - he'd watched it run up to him before it saw him and took to the air. After waiting a couple of seconds to avoid exploding rooster syndrome Laurie took the shot and we were both smiling at the world. Funny how fast that changes. While Rainer was retrieving Laurie's bird, Saike had headed off across the creek and into part of the farm I wanted to hunt after lunch, so I whistled her back, and waited for the brown rocket to arrive. After a couple of minutes of nothing, I checked the GPS and saw the dog at 40 m. She wasn't getting any closer so I whistled again, and waited. Still no progress, but I could hear some splashing, so I thought she had gone into the creek and was having trouble getting out at a high sided part. Problem was, the blackberry and bramble thicket was next to impenetrable, and I'm soft that way. Saike not moving was a concern though, so I took my gear off and crawled through to the edge , then saw Saike. She was caught up in a pile of blackberry and willows by her withers in mid stream, and couldn't get lose. Ah well, my boots are waterproof, right? Into the stream, and out to Saike, a moment or two to disentangle her and a short swim back to shore for both of us. Turns out the boots aren't waterproof after all. Fortunately, the phone is, as I still had it in my pocket. Well done Samsung. A quick pause for a photo, and back to the Toyota for lunch. After lunch we headed up to a recently cut and re grassed maize paddock with a stand of old Macrocarpa and stumps along its far edge. These are a iconic tree, and I enjoyed playing in a cut stump on my Grandparents farm when I was a child. Saike started acting birdy, so I called to Laurie to get ready a couple of seconds before a rooster flushed from under her, and it presented a very easy crossing shot (I didn't have the heart to shoot, I think the bird was drunk or handicapped or something....), and there was the day's third bird. Rainer retrieved it, and we walked back across the farm to head up to Pete's house for a cup of tea and catch up on his opening morning. Sunday was a wash, but the rain is welcome, and we'll be out again shortly. Why is it impossible for two dogs to look the same way at the same time when you want to take a photo? I'm not even asking them to look at the camera, that would be just too much.
  20. Rafterboy

    2020 season is a go!

    Well, Saturday finally arrived and dawned very prettily. I took both the dogs for a walk on the golf course across the road from home before Laurie arrived and we loaded up to head South. The farm was a little dryer than usual. The upper North Island has been in a drought for the large part of this year, but it is still fairly green, and Saike took off as soon as the collar was on. She does love to run, that little dog. We walked up a couple of creeks that held nothing, and I climbed up to the farm boundary ridge hoping to flush something over Laurie, but other than views of the Waikato nothing was seen. The view was worth the walk though. After walking to the farthest point from the car, and past dozens of spots I've shot birds in without seeing anything I was starting to get a little concerned, but what the hey, that's hunting, right? Laurie and I walked over a small hill and it was all on. 3 hens took off one after the other, then a rooster, impossible to see. Then another rooster, who also couldn't be seen, then a hen, then a rooster that was just too smart for his own good and snuck away down the creek away from Laurie and flew straight into a load of 6's. Saike swam the creek, and brought the first bird of 2020 to hand. Goooood girl. Reached photo limit, part II follows.
  21. Thanks for the offer...kinda same dilemma as I am not sure I would use it anymore than you have LOL. This has been very Informative...
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  23. Up North

    2020 Photo Thread

    Lucy is to busy watching the chipmunk that the mountain blue bird just ate around her.
  24. MoSpaniels

    Field Bred Springers

    Bill McFeely has a litter on the ground in PA. that Pat Berry has two pups from two different litters from a female named Anna that is from my GiGi MH female and Anna's sire is an AFC named Zipper. Pat's dogs have both qualified at the National Anatuer championship. He has a placement and a CM I have a new litter on the ground and am offering these pups to good homes. I am in S.W. Mo but there are going to be some exchanges with him that make two litters available to Pa. Give me a PM and I will share info on all litters that I know of or give you Bill McFeely's number. To start with. I will always help try to place good dogs in good homes.
  25. 1971snipe

    OFFICIAL 2020 Gardening Thread

    First tomato of the season.
  26. lee sykes

    16 ga turkey chokes?

    😄 What is wrong with full choke?
  27. Dogwood

    Vermont Bird

    Way cool!
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