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  2. Yukon1

    Chipper Shredder suggestions ?

    I chipped a bunch of dry stuff and Brad is right. The green stuff is easier. My chipper handles the dry stuff well but it dulls the knives quicker. Instructions say to mix green material in with the dry and that works well. Best to chip as you go though and avoid the dry stuff altogether. The shredder part of the unit is the opposite for me. The small green leafy stuff is what caused the couple of jams I had. I do better if I let them sit and shred them later.
  3. finsfurfeathers

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    I'm a firm believer of the saying be wary of the man with 1 gun as he knows how to use it best. Not much depth in my safe but for turkey and waterfowl reach for the 12. For upland the 20 is my go to gun. So another poll where my answer is depends......
  4. quailguy

    Heading West tomorrow!

    My bro had a friend who was the manager of a ranch way back in the mountains near Rifle, CO, who rode out 9 miles to the nearest cleared road on snowmobiles. He had a 4WD pickup parked in a shed there he went to town in. Hope you don't have to go that route.
  5. Wyobirds

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    I use a 16 Ga. #2 AyA for most upland birds.
  6. Tom Avent

    new boots

    Yes, I too am in the market for a new "mountain" boot. How does the Nevada compare to the LOWA Tibet GTX? Based on just the website, the Nevada is $25 more, but a tad bit lighter.
  7. quailbil

    Hunting the wind

    In big country where the dogs can really stretch it out and you can still see them it is always fascinating when they check back in to see how they use the wind to find me. They definitely have it figured out how to use it to their advantage.
  8. Today
  9. GuyO

    British Open

    Game on! They’re hearing the Big Cat’s footsteps!!
  10. Found a source for birds, a little pricey. PM me if you want contact info. $10 for pigeons, $18 for pheasants.
  11. WPG Gizmo

    Pointer Brand Shotguns Legacy Sports?

    Look at the Tristar guns also the Viper G2 guns are very nice and not that expensive
  12. Snipeaholic

    2018 Photo Thread.

    Brown Top Millet. Should be a good dove field come fall.
  13. Like....and welcome to the UJ fold.
  14. I only hunt woodcock and grouse in New England and the Maritimes. I am now training a year old pointer who is the fifth pointer I have had over the last 30 years. All lived in the house and are part of the family. One of my favorites was a constant fishing companion over his 16 years . All were above average bird dogs, hunted within the range I wanted and all had great personalities around people and other dogs and good manners in the house. Find a breeder who breeds the style of dog you wish to hunt with. A big running field trial dog would not work for me, but I have been lucky enough to find like minded woodcock/grouse hunters who breed close working pointers. I don't accept the hard head issue or the hard to train or the lack of interest in people. Dog personalities are just like people, all are different. To me the personality will run down the leash. Treat the dog well, spend time with them, make them feel appreciated and praise as much as possible and the dogs life and yours will be much better off.
  15. sprocket

    Irish Whiskeys

    I keep a bottle of The Knot in the house because it was a gift - well, we had her over for dinner and 4 of us broke it out and had a glass to toast all the good stuff in life. So I guess I'm good for another year
  16. Ben Hong

    Who are you listening to?

    Before this song came out I was very skeptical of her bona fides, what with her cowboy persona, vegetarianism and clamour for attention. This song was hammered into my head like a 3 inch spike. Great!!
  17. BlacknTan

    Who are you listening to?

    "Is he a man, or a paper tiger?.." A powerful voice. Very surprised that she was not more popular...
  18. RMH

    Pointer Brand Shotguns Legacy Sports?

    One of my daughters has a Legacy Escort Semi-Auto in 20 gauge. It works well, is compact and looks nice too. It's odd that they have both auto and o/u guns called Pointer. Makes it a little confusing. Good luck with what ever you get.
  19. Cold Iron

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    I have that same hat.
  20. Very nice! In all of my gun buying /trading memories I had a chance to acquire one just like yours at a good price years ago . I passed as I really didn’t have the extra scratch to buy it but it’s one of the two or three gun deals that still haunt me from time to time. Enjoy.
  21. I wish more people could grasp that. In the context of dogs, trucks, whatever. I run Pointers because I like to hunt big open country for quail, and want a dog that goes all out. As a breed they have been bred to specialize in finding birds like no other. That's a good thing, and an exasperating thing. And they make good pets if that's what you want.
  22. Auto-5

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    The defining word in the poll is “most” for sure, but it’s an interesting result.
  23. Ted Schefelbein

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    Oddly, in a few areas where I am forced by our government to use non-toxic shot, I grab my 16 double, which, also avoids the mistake of an unplugged gun while in an area where woodcock might be present. I lucked into a nice little stash of 1 oz Hevi for the 16, and don’t feel the need to duplicate that in the 12s or 20s. I wouldn’t shoot a woodcock today unless the dog handled it superbly, and this one, as of yet, hasn’t. Don’t see the little guys like I used to, so, I let em be. The 16 is a lowly Nitro Special, and although it got out quite a bit last season, I find the 12s more versatile and easier to feed. I am so over my short chamber European gun phase. 26” tubes that everyone hates these days, with factory CYL and MOD chokes that are very useful for me. Best, Ted
  24. Willieb

    Summer Hatch

    I agree. Anything you can do to improve the condition of breeding birds, cattle, dogs etc will improve conception and survival rates.
  25. Jim Vander

    new boots

    Im interested as Im due for new hard country boots and the Nevada uninsulated looks like great option. Do they seem to fit true to size width? I know its subjective but figured Id ask.
  26. Jim Vander

    Simple Poll what Gauge do you use most hunting

    Given had to answer for all hunting situations skewed toward 12
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