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  2. Emergency Tools/Supplies For Bird Coat/Vest

    My Gerber tool is square nose, not needle nose. I found that works better pulling quills, and yes I have experience. However, all 3 dogs I've dealt with have ended up at a vets under anesthesia. Too many quills in the mouth. 2 dogs were mine, one was someone else's. I carry some vet wrap and a tube of glucose gel in my vest. The glucose is in case a dog overheats. Yes, Ive used that as well. My full first aid kit is in the truck should I need it: suture kit, eye wash, sterile water, EMT gel and spray, bandages, foot care stuff, etc. I think I'm well equipped for anything until I can get to a vet. For what it's worth, a 330 or 220 Conibear would kill one of my Cockers in short order. I've only ever seen one set, that was in Vermont. I know how to use those traps, but I think I'll pick up the cable ties though. Won't hurt to carry them.
  3. One Dog Man or Woman

    Years ago I had only one brittany, then got a setter then lost the britt to age, mostly until kids came alone it tended to be mostly one. That worked as dogs were illegal in the BOQ and most apartments. When I got married, then kids they wanted their own dogs etc, etc for a short while after I got divorced I had two corgies (little dogs with big dog attitude) then I adapted a britt from ABR in 05 (couldn't think of a name so I called him Britt) then fostered a second britt who within 5 min after picking him up to foster him in 06 he came up behind me in the SUV and put his head on my shoulder Scout is now crashed on the couch. Both he and Britt were great hunters ( I lost Britt two yrs ago to age) and Scout is slowing down but still loves to hunt. I decided in 06 I needed a setter so my neighbors grandmother owned Smith Setters so I got "Settie" at 8 mo and she's the queen, then saw Bella on a Pet Finder video in southern Illinois so I drove up and got her, both her and Settie are hunting partners. My wife and I fostered Duchess ( she was from a guy in Missouri who had developed medical issues, but spent a $2000 on training) but failed Fostering 101, same with Maple a great hunter who also was well trained but passed from cancer shortly after Britt passed), Hunter another failure of Fostering 101,; and then there is Brandi a silly springer who was afraid to get in the car (owner surrender to our vet) now she howls when she sees that I've got my brush pants on and can't wait to get in the car. They are all great dogs, I work them in pairs but Brandi always goes as she keeps the wife up if I don't take her. Don't thing I could deal with only one, although their getting old as I and expect that Hunter will be my last.
  4. Browning Superlight

    Are any of you familiar with an over under that Browning made briefly that was called the Superlight? Not Superlight Feather. This one still had the aluminum receiver but had fixed chokes. According to Lenny at Browning they were made for a private organization, at least the one I’m referring to was. More may have been available to the public. If so, what would be a ballpark value on one in say 95%+ condition? It’s a 12 gauge with I’m pretty sure 26” barrels.
  5. Spaying question (again)

    While we all think our dogs are great, this post hit the nail squarely on the head...
  6. Sam's Club closure- anyone else with issues?

    My local one closed about 1 1/2 months ago. Kinda sucks because they were only about 2miles from my house. Next closet club of any kind is a BJ’s about 10 miles. Didn’t use them much but was nice for some things. That refunded my full year membership cost.
  7. Sam's Club closure- anyone else with issues?

    I just avoid Club stores all together. They are very good at convincing you that they have stuff you need even though you didnt know you needed it when you walked thru the doors. Its a fact. I bought more $16 jars of various nuts than I care to admit. You dont really think youre going to see a refund check do you?
  8. Emergency Tools/Supplies For Bird Coat/Vest

    What brand/model are those cable cutters?
  9. Shooting ZZ Birds

    Look at the United States Helice Assoc. It can be difficult anytime but especially so on a windy day (normal here in North Central Texas). I agree it can be addictive.
  10. One Dog Man or Woman

    I like this lady already. Just read one of her husbands books. We are empty nesters with 3 labs spaced 4 years apart.
  11. The Things We Carry Afield

    I carry a lot of the same but have some extras for the wild and vast Great Basin. -Lighter wrapped in duct tape. Fixes a blister right quick. -Lifestraw -Spot-Wife mandated after not coming home till 3am because I was packing a Muley out of the wilderness. I do like looking at all the places I go though. -Styptic powder and QTips. It works pretty well -Small pack of baby wipes-cleans hands as well!! -Tums-Nothing like Chorizo heart burn to ruin a day and I can’t give it up. -Quilomeme Upland Vest to haul it in -70 or 100 oz Camelbak and 2 liters of water in Nathan Bottles -Box of secret Chukar Reloads. -Snake bite kit
  12. Lehigh Sporting Clays:

    No, It's too crowded and the wait is too ling. Much better during a weekday.
  13. Shooting ZZ Birds

    It's supposed to be like box bird shooting. I guess it's closer to the real pigeon ring than anything else, but I don't think it is the same at all.
  14. New Kid on the block?

    I wish there was one there with my name on it....
  15. One Dog Man or Woman

    Growing up in a hound family I learned pack mentality very quick. Father always had multiple hounds so 3 or 4 dogs don't bother me. I just try and keep ages spaced out for cycle of life. With recent loss of Star My beagle I now have 4 dogs. 3 brits and a lab which is mostly a pet. I would feel lost without several dogs.
  16. Shooting ZZ Birds

    A 28 x 30. I'm hooked on this sport as much as sporting clays right now. Maybe more.
  17. Today
  18. The real NCAA tournament! (Wrestling)

    I grew up with John and his family and yeah I would love to be a fly on the wall, John is always a picture of composure but trust me he has his daddys temper LOL.. I have zero idea honestly what could have happened, I keep close tabs on the program and know coaches from several D1 and D2 schools and we talked about that this weekend, without John around of course, we placed 4 All American wrestlers but the season overall was definitely plaqued by injuries and odd setbacks, but Iowa State as well had an odd year placing even lower than we did. Our regular season despite the injuries went well winning the Big 12 but dang that was the second lowest placement since John took the reigns there.
  19. Sam's Club closure- anyone else with issues?

    Years ago, we did Sam's Club and after a couple of years let the membership drop. A few years later we joined Costco and have never looked back. I still shop at Wallyworld, but the frustrations can be pretty exasperating. Just yesterday I went to the photo kiosk to process out a couple of 'one hour' prints only to find out at the end of the ordering process that one hour on Sunday means 10 a.m. on Monday. Sounds like your 'two week' refund is on the same sliding scale as my 'one hour prints.' I'll make my prints at Target while I'm out on errands today. All that said, a good Walmart in a small to medium size town is a real convenience. It just, well, they get my money, but not my respect. Good luck with your refund. And I'm not surprised Sam's Club can't compete in markets big enough that people have a choice.

    I had Virgina playing Gonzaga with Virgina going to the championship. That's not going to happen!!! On the other side of the bracket I have Villanova playing Kansas with Villanova playing for the championship. I can still be ok in one bracket but the other bracket I'm done, finished, kaput. If Villanova wins at least I will have picked the National Champion. If not it was nice playing along.
  21. The Things We Carry Afield

    Thanks for still rocking MOTHER.
  22. Emergency Tools/Supplies For Bird Coat/Vest

    Good thread for everyone to review yearly. Pinned at top of this Forum. (Welcome to the Board thinblueline, good to have you.)
  23. 2-1/2” 20 Gauge

    Will do. Planning a grouse hunting trip to somewhere in Maine this coming fall, just haven't nailed anything down yet. I've never been further north than the Berkshires.
  24. Emergency Tools/Supplies For Bird Coat/Vest

    I got my first $100 bill in the early 1970's from trapping fur and a large number of those pelts came from conibears. I don't exactly agree with the above and Conibear traps. Here are half a dozen people in Mn. that lost their hunting dogs to 220 conibears in a few short months that don't agree either. At a minimum I carry- benadryl in a small squirt bottle EMT gel 3 (in case one breaks) zip ties 36" rated strength of 175 pounds or more cable cutters, wire cutters will not work on snares. Fourtrax57 had one of his dogs caught in a snare in the Spring in an area we hunt. Trappers don't always remove their traps and snares after the season is over. Responsible ones do, but... hemostats leatherman tool quikclot clotting sponge vet wrap tape These are always in my vest For porkies anytime is a good time for avoidance training. Don't recommend doing it on live ones but it happens. Dogs ears are laid back because I am laying on the collar. Last time he ever messed with one though. I also use a Garmin Alpha and a TT15. Seconds do matter, be it a wolf or a connibear.
  25. One Dog Man or Woman

    I can see advantages of having only a single birddog, especially as regards low bird numbers and paw time on the learning ground, but I have lived the reality of bad stuff happening to good dogs....one dog can become sidelined all too easily and all too early. A toss of the dice is the upshot for many decisions afield, to me.
  26. New Kid on the block?

    They do exist
  27. 2-1/2” 20 Gauge

    Plenty of great coffee here in Downeast, drop by anytime. Perk
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