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  2. Found a small tick yesterday

    Cook it , they're good wrapped in bacon . Not to make light of the situation , but if you're that concerned , see your doc and tell him . i've never had Lymes and it is a devastating disease . I've pulled several off my body through the years , it's part of life hunting here in the NE.
  3. Scott Grush - anyone know this guy?

    Thank you everyone, It's going to be a blast working for grouse and woodcock every day alongside so many passionate uplanders.
  4. Late woodcock

    Happy thanksgiving all. Out in the deer stand this morning, at daylight I believe a timber doodle flushed up in front of me about 30 yards. Looked and flew like one, big female I would guess. Only thing I’ve seen at all this morning. I’m 20 miles east of Lake Michigan about halfway north and south in the lower peninsula. We have had snow and some low twenty temps, mostly short term however.
  5. Kansas Advice

    With all the complaining about Hopspotting especially Kansas and then a Town gets named in another thread.
  6. Happy Gobble Day

    Happy Thanksgiving! I have my first fire in the fireplace of the season going, watching old movies, and already prepped the dove, snipe, and pheasant poppers. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. A rare treat as 50 draws closer.
  7. Found a small tick yesterday

    Unfortunately, it was attached to my leg. I pulled the critter off, wrapped it in tissue, and on my way to a pheasant hunt dropped it off at my vet's office. She emailed last night that it was indeed a deer tick, and that I could pick it back up on Monday morning. Happy Thanksgiving. This is a first for me. Does anyone know what I ought to be doing after I pick the tick up Monday morning?
  8. Happy Gobble Day

    Our family is going to a buffet at a restaurant today. Sure will be easy.
  9. Alpha price check

    I see this A.M. a few sites have lowered the price of the tt15 by $100 to $699. Is this the lowest price I will see on this unit or will we see a lower price maybe after the first of the year?
  10. Upland Boots for PA/Great Lakes/New England Geo's

    I remove the original insert and replace with Pinnacle powersteps which takes up a bit of volume in the boot. I wear a light to medium weight sock and stay with meausered size of 9.5. If I wore more sock up a half size would be a good idea.
  11. Where to get a plain orange shirt in hard canvas or poly?

    I hate polyester but if you can stand to wear it I love the Cabelas guidewear shirts. They used to be nylon and I have a bunch of those as my "go to" upland shirt. Basically they are fishing shirts, Columbia and others make a similar style. The orange isn't quite blaze orange but they do make other bright colors and your hat and vest can meet the legal orange requirements.
  12. While I’m no professional dog trainer, that’s how I feel, with respect to the fact that if your dog develops a bad habit during that period, you correct it immediately.
  13. In-line muzzle loader ammo

    pretty much guaranteed to see that boomer buck of a lifetime at 350 yards if you tote the muzzle loader
  14. Where to get a plain orange shirt in hard canvas or poly?

    I've put the LL Bean Northweave shirts through lots of tough cover and for a "soft" shirt they hold up. Like yourself, I hunt in a shirt with a strap vest because I sweat. They feel like flannel, but they are synthetic. They dry quickly, and seem to be breathable. The one draw back is they aren't terribly warm. If you stop to take a break you will feel the wind and cold on your back until the sweat dries. For that reason I usually have a fleece strapped to my vest. For next season I will be searching for wool shirts.
  15. Scott Grush - anyone know this guy?

    That was Hammer's brit Mick. He had a great trip. We talk highly about our adventure in XX Dave, fun times, beautiful country. Except for Tim, he's always a downer. Lol
  16. Scott Grush - anyone know this guy?

    BIG CONGRATS, Scott. RGS could not have made a better pick for this job. Have known Scott for a few years. Bot a few shiny trinkets from him for the long suffering Mrs Bumpo. Hunted with Scott at the old Two Setters grouse camp near Hubbard Lake. He had an older setter and a young pointer from High Five then. His "Grouse Camp Soup" recipe is a perennial fav at the Bumpo Ranch. Scott is a people person and brings great experience in all things grouse and wc to this position.
  17. Today
  18. South Dakota Burr Hunt

    As mentioned above--Cowboy Magic and or Show Sheen. You can get either at any tack store or Tractor supply
  19. Scott Grush - anyone know this guy?

    Congrats Scott!
  20. Not to worry Brad the knives will only be used to carve to days Turkey! SHF... IMHO I do not share your beliefs in the mystics and mysteries of grouse cover or grouse antics. Its simple, birds leave scent on the ground and in the air, me dogs do not care if it is broomstick aspen or a canary grass swamp I have never found grouse hunting that was really all that much different for the dog than any of the other upland activities. And most of the reason for that thinking is the amount of preparation the dog have befor they are ask to do the job. My dogs are really underwhelmed with the whole process of being a working dog, because of their preparation. Pen raised allow the the dog to be work for a considerable more time thru out the year than wild birds, under tougher conditions than what we here have during the grouse season. Have a good ThanksGiving Hal as a side note my Great Grandfather attended the first Thanksgiving in the new world, well 13 generations back
  21. Where to get a plain orange shirt in hard canvas or poly?

    Thanks. I'm too cheap for Orvis and the only full orange shirt they have is knitted - basically a long-sleeved T-shirt. The Bean stuff I can find doesn't seem to be hard finish cloth - don't need any more soft and fuzzy burr-grabbing shirts. I like Duluth stuff in general. That Armachillo shirt looks like it might work (the "action" shirt has too many fancy doodads for me). Though it's not cheap, I'll buy one and give it a try. EDIT: "unavailable"
  22. Odd Behavior - Blood Sugar?

    The think very good advise. When I hunted Sophie in Michigan pretty much every day for 6 days, I gave her Sardines in oil every evening with her food. That might have prevented any blood sugar issue. I did not give her any sardines when I hunted her earlier this week when she apparently had her low sugar issue.
  23. Adequan for dogs

    We have had Gracie my Golden on Adequan for probably 3 years with zero bad affects and I believe it has helped her tremendously. She will be 9 next month and unfortunately the kids and myself used to play frisbee with her in the back yard. Lots of jumping 3 or 4 feet off the ground and sometimes crashing into things like fences and other yard obstacles. Finally one time she came up really limping and we took her to the vet. Did Xrays and found various minor fractures in her carpal area. They recommended immediate stopping of the frisbee activities and recommended we put her on Adequan and also use metacam on the morning of hunt to assist in pain management. Fortunately it has worked and she can now go 90 minutes or so charging hard in the field with no problem and with no noticeable limp the following day. Her dosage now is once per month. I just looked an I assume this is the generic form of Adequan that we are using. Its is labeled Chondroprotec. I will ask my wife about what dosage she gives.
  24. Gets testy....POOF...heading out to see family and access to Board sketchy for a couple days. All good, but never up to me.
  25. **Official** Chukar and Hun Thread 2017 - 2018

    Pre Thanksgiving harvest.
  26. When do grouse broods break up?

    Moved 20 plus grouse today. Ones and twos. Almost all were in the trees. I was a couple hrs west. Most came from Apple trees or pines. Maybe three inches of snow on the ground. A better hunter probably could have killed a few. I didn't pull the trigger. Birds seemed to be evenly spaced.
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