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  2. Brady

    Saw this somewhere and laughed a little bit: You got 10 stitches in your throwing hand days before the game. Your favorite receiver got knocked out. You probably need to score two touchdowns in less than 6 minutes. Tom Brady: Hold my avocado icecream
  3. Hypoglycemia cures

    ^^ This^^ This is pretty much my plan. My dog can hunt an hour or two 45 minute spots with a break in between. I usually do not hunt her two days in a row. I know that sounds like semi retirement to a lot of you but I have carried her out of the field and woods so many times I don't push it any longer. The cold really seems to hit her hard also, I guess she's burning a lot of sugar just keeping warm at that point. Feeding a mush of food that I've wet the night before has been the biggest gain for her. Just a handful of kibble soaked in water overnight fed in the morning. My dog has never slipped so far as a seizure but the drunken stagger and glazed eyes, apparent loss of hearing, cannot locate your call, I've seen it many times. Bottom line is, you need more dog power because this dog is limited.
  4. Pats vs Eagles

    Vikings got stomped apparently. I didn't watch the game with any earnestness... still in shock and awe at what the Patriots managed to pull off again. And without Gronk in second half and with Edelman out for the season. Remarkable. Just like 'when their is lead in the air there is hope',... 'when Brady is on the field there is hope'. Time and time again you see a team ahead of the Patriots, who think they are gonna win, and the players (and even coaches) start celebrating like asses....until things start to.....slide...then the look of dismay and disbelief on their faces is pitiful. On the contrary the Patriots players generally stay laser focused until the last second clicks off the clock.
  5. RIP Harry Selby

    Hell of an obit.
  6. Off season day dreaming...

    Good point. It's now mandated by most states that turkey hunters must run no less than 25 rounds of turkey loads through their chosen shotgun at distances ranged at 10-50 yards in 10 yard increments. A state manadated paper target can be printed off a website. The patterning results on paper targets must be notarized and sent to the state Fish & Wildlife dept. If acceptable, you will be issued a certification number allowing you to purchase turkey tags, and then proceed to hunt wild turkeys. I keed...I keed....
  7. Seldom seen firearms

    This was my Fathers deer rifle and I killed my first deer a 4pt buck with it. It is a Rem Mod 14 in 32Rem. I have a box of factory loads in the cabinet for it that I bought in the 60's at a little hardware store in my home town with a price tag of $4.65. Not a fancy firearm for sure but one that means the world to me.
  8. Seldom seen firearms

    If that is a Remington,I got one for Christmas in 1956 in Hot Springs,Ark Scotty
  9. Seldom seen firearms

  10. Today
  11. RIP Harry Selby

    We live in a much poorer world.What a life Selby lead. "Those times and those men will never be repeated" I would not want to be young in today's world. The wild is shrinking.
  12. Seldom seen firearms

    " Light em up Baby "
  13. Choke, it may not be what you think

    Actually I was thinking of clay shooters re the acceptable excuse line. I'm shoot sec. at the local clay target club and no one has ever walked in to hand in a score sheet and said "Smashed them out there, must have got the right choke/s setup". But heard a lot of shooters dissing their choke choice for their scores.
  14. Seldom seen firearms

    There were dark forces out there even then... http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Talk:Remington_Model_8
  15. Seldom seen firearms

    That's a woman I could live with ! Good story .
  16. Broke Stock What to do.

    Had a Citori .410 that needed a new Superlight stock . Midwest had one and fitted it like new .
  17. 2018 Photo Thread.

    another bear. Canada
  18. 2018 Photo Thread.

    bear in Montana
  19. Ok, I've had enough of a break. I'm ready for fall again.
  20. Pats vs Eagles

    I have not watched any games since the "taking a knee" thing started. However, I decided to watch the play off games last week. That was a mistake. Two of those games were won by a joke as far as I am concerned...... but that's just me. At least I dont have to watch Newton and his ilk play any longer. I found the pre game interviews interesting although I am not sure what language some of the interviewed players were speaking. On the other hand, it was nice to see and hear comments from Amondola and Brady in an understandable language. Given today's outcomes, the big game will be interesting to say the least.
  21. Close Working Dogs

    Close working imo is under 75yards. Big running is over 500yards. I want a bird dog wherever the birds are.
  22. Lite over under

    Benelli 828U is another option, as they are available with 30" barrels. Bryan appears to have one in stock, in the deluxe model, with 30" tubes.
  23. Broke Stock What to do.

    You can look around but do not fail to call Arts Gun shop in MO. He worked for Browning fo years and can do just about anything with them. I suspect a total butt stock replacement might be in order here.
  24. Surf Fishing Baja

    I/ve had good luck with cast masters, big ten inch sluggos, and one oz blade baits work really well. I throw clouser minnows, surf candy with a 10 wt and clear intermediate line The area around Los Barriles is still safe.In fact safer than Cabo. Cheap, easy dyi fishing/diving vacation
  25. Surf Fishing Baja

    My only surf fishing experience was outside of Los Cabos about 10 years ago - we caught sierras (spanish mackerel) a huge stingray, and some juvenile gallos (roosterfish) from the surf - the sardines were thick along the beach and the locals would seine some and then use handlines, coke bottles wrapped in line, or if they were lucky, an old rod with a live bait rig weighted with sparkplugs. They caught plenty of fish. Every now and again a BIG fish would work the surface way out there. Pretty incredible. I could see myself spending a couple of months a year chasing fish along the coast. Safety is my biggest concern at the moment - would have to feel comfortable taking my family along. If you ever do the Cabo thing, I'd bring some big cheap spoons or bucktail jigs with some flash and a telescoping rod. This would be a blast with those sierras and roosters. I'd also fish wire leader - I lost several sierras due to their crazy sharp teeth.
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