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  2. Don fischer

    Browning double auto

    Well they called it a safety but all it really did was block the trigger. I could live with it! Shoot, I did!
  3. bill

    Vet charging for writing prescription

    I know how u feel I think its a rip off that Have a Script for heart guard or Flea or tick treatment stuff should be able buy it over the counter. I can remember the time when I was young boy went to local Farm& feed Store bought our Wormer rabies and distemper vaccines and did it our self
  4. bennelli-banger

    duluth side by side shoot this weekend

    my pleasure...nice to meet you, as well as 2-3 other UJ'rs I had not met before...
  5. Don fischer

    2018 Photo Thread.

    I usually only post dog photo's on the internet but some times I post other stuff. This is not one of those time's! I post a lot of Stormy photo's, some people might think he's all I got, he's not. Real super hero died on me Jan 11, 2017 and I still miss him badly. Couple of photo's of my super star, Bodie! That's enough. My glass's are getting blurry!
  6. Don fischer

    Camera advice?

    I like it. I normally always shoot with a wide aperature and so my shot's are normally in the open. It the dog's are pointing, I try to focus on the eye, don't know really how much it helps but I heard if the eye is in focus the rest is in focus. I've tried different Point and shoot camera's and not to crazy about them. Have a hard time with things that are simple on a DSLR. What's is not simple on a DSLR is carrying it in your pocket! The P&S does have it's place. I think a P&S will collect memories, a DSLR can make art! When I go out to work my dog's I got to where I carried a P&S, but, it's sick right now. If I want some good photo's of my dogs I go through everything the same way but I take along a DSLR. Maybe working with a P&S is just to difficult for me, I don't know. Saw a lady at a field trial several years ago carrying a Lieca P&S. I bet it did fine, should, cost as much as a good car! I think what you need is both a nice P&S and and entry level DSLR.
  7. I’m getting tired of my fire breathing 300 Win Mag. Everything I have been reading about the 6.5 creedmoor is sounding very positive. Especially in terms of recoil, ammo price and accuracy.
  8. NVChukarChaser

    new boots

    I have the Denali’s and the Crispi Guides GTX. They look like the same boot they ankle support in the Crispi is way different. The Denali is a good boot, love them for chasing Chukar in the Great Basin. Especially after a pair of the Green Feet insoles or whatever they are called. The reason for the Crispis is for when I have a heavy pack on deer hunting. With a couple bad ankles the Denalis don’t have the support you need with a 50 pound pack in and hopeful full pack out. That ABSS is not a BS sales gimmick. It’s the real deal. I’m happy with both brands. Both are great boot. Bad ankles or heavy loads lean towards the Crispi. Lean and mean and fast moving I would lean towards the denali’s. One draw back to the Denali’s were the $50 insoles I put in them that aren’t necessary in the Crispis.
  9. ThornApple

    Meet Wes IV vom Altmoor

    Welcome to the Club! I have Maiah, the sister to Maddy of the M4 litter(the Dam of your pup}. You have some fine genes in that dog. Definitely join a club by you if you have time, it will make you stick to a training regimen. Hang on you're in for a wild ride. Joe
  10. Virgil Kane

    Ranch truck toppers

    I got the A.R.E. Z series a few years ago. Came standard with the headliner. Got the L.E.D/ strip lights, keyless entry. fold down front window and sliding front and side windows. I've owned trucks since 1974 and this is the first topper I've put on any truck. To say I'm loving it would be an understatement. I checked out a lot of toppers before buying the A.R.E. and the one big thing I noticed is the hinges for the back window on the toppers differ greatly. IMO the A.R.E. are the best hinges and should never break. That alone sold me on A.R.E. Virgil
  11. robp

    duluth side by side shoot this weekend

    Nice job on the BBQ pork shoulder, beans and slaw Thanks for putting dinner together rp
  12. Don fischer

    2018 Hunting Photos - Let's see 'em!

    I seldom shoot much over 25 yds. 30yds is a long shot for me but I shoot over pointing dog's and I don't shoot at wild flush's. When I try to track a bird out much beyond 20-25yds it's normally a miss so I just don't do it. I don't pass shoot well at all. But on a point, while I was training a lot, I got very fast at getting the gun up and the shot off. Used 1 1/8oz loads from 12ga and 16ga. Thing about the amount of shot is that 1oz of shot is 1 oz shot and if it's traveling 1200fps from a 12ga or from a 28ga it's still 1oz of shot doing 1200fps. Where I think it get's wacked is the shot string. a 1oz load in the 12 seems better to me than the streatched out load in the 28. The 12 is a heavier gun and the 28 a lot lighter. The same load out of either gun is going to have more felt recoil in the light gun. If I want'ed to go to 1oz loads, I'd go to my 16ga. Have to admit the though of using those 1/2oz 2 1/2" 410 loads on pigeons worried me a bit but, I've got about five box's of them, mostly old paper hulls, and don't want to chuck them. More import is I haven't had a problem with them on the pigeons. Of course I get the gun up and fire fast as I can. I can remember years past when shooting birds with full choke because that was either you let them go out some or blew them up! hate the looks of shotguns with those screw in barrels so don't have one. Had one once, a Browning Citori. Didnt like the buldge in the barrels so traded it off for Squirt and Bodie as pup's. never regretted it.
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  14. Kemo Sabe

    Are you loyal to a car manufacture

    I’ve been extremely loyal to the same Chevy dealer since 1983. He treats me really well, and even comes and picks up my vehicles up when they need service. I have never had any problems with any of them, but that might be because I stay on top of the service since it’s so easy. Currently have a 2016 Tahoe and 2017 High Country pickup. My wife and I love Chevy products. For my wife’s car, we have been very loyal to the same BMW dealer for years. When her 640i convertible started giving us some problems after 11 years, she wanted a Tesla. I didn’t want that car at all, but because she wanted it so much, I went along with it. The BMW dealer also owns a Porsche dealership, and is a long time friend. For my birthday, my wife went out and got me a brand new Boxster 718 S from him. Wow, talk about fun! I like dealing with the same dealer for my cars. It just makes things so much easier all the way around, at least for me.
  15. Don Steese


    Really fine looking dog! Anyone looking for a definition of the term "manners around game" need only look at that video! I must admit not being surprised when I saw what breeder he came from. I'm a mite biased however!!
  16. We have had one Toyota truck, and currently a highlander. I have owned 1 Nissan the rest of our vehicles have been Chevy. I have over the last years of buying a vehicle for myself went for the best I could get for the money. It always ended up being a Chevy. I have always had good luck with them except the one before my current. It was a lemon and constantly had problems. The dealer did make it right and gave me a super deal on my current truck. (Doesn’t hurt that he and I are friends and my in law buys all his company work trucks from). I did tell him that if I had the problems I had with the last I would try another brand. I am considering a Toyota next but the only thing with them is they don’t really knock a lot off of sticker price and the gas mileage is not that great.
  17. oak stob

    Are you loyal to a car manufacture

    No, no brand loyalty whatsoever....or made-in-america loyalty either. I do purchase what my recent history indicates will serve the purpose, with the least negative issues....car, service or dealership. Lately, that has been centered around Tacomas.
  18. Don fischer

    Just when I thought I was done with SxS's

    Shame you have to be stuck with that old double barrel. If you would like I got a pretty new Mossberg pump I'd trade ya for it! :-)
  19. Don Steese

    Vet charging for writing prescription

    Nobody likes to get overcharged but I get a kick out of the fact that we all try our best to maximize our revenue flow then don't expectothers to do the same . This is a general statement, I'm not picking on Dave! If I'd ask my vet to write a prescription for something she sells so that I can go buy it somewhere else, I'd expect to be charged. If I lived a long way from my vet and liked the service they were providing me I think I'd call and see if they'd ship whatever prescriptions I needed from their office. Might be a little more expensive, but probably not all that much. I've been retired for 13 years and still try to buy things at the local businesses that did business with me over the years. I pay more and it's inconvenient at times but I do it anyhow. The other side of all this is the fact some vet practices, especially the larger ones it seems, overcharge for stuff because they're aware pet lovers will pay inflated prices. That's my sermon for this Sunday!
  20. I wouldn't get anything bigger than a 7mm-08. Depending on recoil as cal get's bigger and as case get's bigger, recoil goes up. I hunt elk with an old 30-06 but have taken three with three shot's with my 6.5x06. If I were to hunt deer today, it would be one of two rifles cartridges. I've got a 6.5x55 I love or my 308 Mossberg Patriot on 308. I only shoot cast bullet's in the 308!
  21. Can’t think of anything better than concrete. No matter what direction you go make sure it’s easy to clean. Wash down
  22. salmontogue

    Are you loyal to a car manufacture

    For me, a grading system would work best to cover the various makes over the years. It breaks down as follows. GM cars and trucks....Poor Mercedes-Benz cars....Poor Toyota cars....Excellent Toyota trucks....Fair Jeeps...Terrible BMW cars....Good plus Ford cars (Lincoln).... Excellent Ford trucks....Excellent Dodge trucks....Excellent Subaru cars....Excellent I am in the process of buying a three-quarter or one ton truck and am looking at Ford and Dodge. The DEF injection systems on diesel trucks may be deleted by the EPA. If not, I will go with gas. If I was buying an SUV....Full size would be Lincoln, Mid size Lincoln or Ford, Small size Ford or Subaru If I was buying a car, I would consider Subaru, Honda and Toyota Perk
  23. I'm not loyal to any car manufacturer really but my niece and her husband own a Ford dealership so I do often buy from their place. Can't have uncle Curt showing up at family get togethers driving the competition's vehicle can we? Besides I drive a heavy duty diesel truck and Ford makes a really good one.
  24. Spin

    Chaz now waits for me

    It's a bitter sweet wonder how great a bond and painful the loss that we can feel, that it may even challenge the finality of our own demise. Even if we would only express it by whispering it down a empty well at midnight, we cling to a thread of hope for the possibility of a reunion at the next stop on the path of our own existence. How strange, powerful, real and inexplicable this unlikely relationship can become. How large the void we feel at it's end. We go on for Life's first Rule is just that, To Live. Time dulls the pain and heals our hurt but these cherished thieves of our hearts live on in memories an we stir the embers of them from time to time to warm our hearts and smile. A gift from our dogs to use after the parting. Even Death feels a bit diminished by this. My most Sincere Condolences at your loss Tonester, Good Boy Chaz, Good Dog. You covered all the bases.
  25. Don fischer

    Vet charging for writing prescription

    Took my Border Collie to my vet thinking I needed to have some dew claws removed. They trimmed them and called it good. Took two people, both vet's, one held her and one trimmer. $14.97! Took my Red Setter in, he had a boredom sore getting bad. Vet gave him a shot, some pills and time was less than half the Border Collie visit. $154! Not sure I get that. Do know he's the least expensive vet around here and I do really like the guy.
  26. BlacknTan

    Are you loyal to a car manufacture

    Three and a half years ago I bought a Toyota 4Runner.. my first Toyota. The quality is so superior to the big three, that I never see myself going back... I that 3 1/2 years, nothing, and I mean not the slightest thing has gone wrong with it. If all the windows are closed, and I forget to close the door hard enough, it doesn't close completely. A very impressive vehicle!
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