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  2. Engraving....too little, enough, too much

    I have none on my Beretta 682 Super Sport. A friend of mine has a Krieghoff Super Scroll? It is a beauty, but I would be afraid to scratch it (I'm not easy on any of my equipment).
  3. Winter Olympics favorite event

    Women's Hockey: USA! Fantastic game, was in doubt the entire time until the final winning penalty shot. Too bad there isn't two gold medals to give - both were highly deserving of the championship. OT in 2014 and 2018 -- whoa! Loved how many on these teams went to college together, some are best friends. They certainly laid it all down on the ice though. The women's game is intense as the men's.
  4. Moose Rifle

    Could be. I'm not much of a rifle guy(do most of my big game hunting, whitetail deer, with a bow). I used the same gun and bullet (I think) On an Elk in Wyoming. First shot, quartering away, through the lungs and found the bullet in the opposite shoulder. He ran out about 60 yds. and I put another in the base of his neck. Dropped in his tracks.
  5. Winter Olympics favorite event

    BTW, it was very cool to see the hosts Korean men's hockey team - they did not win a game but made their exit in style with a couple of goals. Also very cool to see their coach, one time Pen Jimmy Paek in tears after they finished. I've met him a few times in PGH and he's a great guy.
  6. Pheasant fest

    Schaumburg! Really close to home! awesome! Already on my calendar.
  7. Moose Rifle

    Or maybe the bullet.
  8. Anyone hunt Mule Deer?

    I’ve hunted them when I lived in CO back in the 80s. Never shot anything sizable. I always hunted for antlerless elk during a late season on the western side (December). During years with a lot of snow, we could ride horses really close to some crazy big “grand dad” mulies that would be driven down from the higher elevations. I figured they knew they were safe! If anyone ever visits the entrance to Rocky Mt. Park in Estes Park, keep your camera at the ready. One year we went to the park to take in the elk bugling “concert” and took a photo of three B&C class mulies standing together on someone’s porch. I remember showing the photo to friends - who about had a coronary! I’m sure the bucks in that area just die of old age - having never heard a gunshot!!
  9. luxury trucks

    Nice Tat, smells like bacon.
  10. Moose Rifle

    I shot an American Bison (1400-1600 lbs.) about 10 years ago in South Dakota on the Sioux Indian Reservation. I used a Winchester 300 mag. I shot him from about 130 yards broadside. At the shot I thought I missed him because he did not budge. Outfitter said that I hit him but to shoot again. I did. Thought I missed again. Outfitter said "Nope, you got him". Both shots through the lungs and it still took him over 1/2 hour to tip over. Remington bullet but I do not remember which one (I think Core Lokt 180 grain). Moral of the story... I guess it depends on the animal and shot placement.
  11. Pheasant fest

    It should be brought East of there.
  12. Mountain quail....

    Cool set of mounts there. I have a Gambels mounted on a Cholla branch. You got a set of grouse mounts?
  13. luxury trucks

    Your prize, Greg.
  14. Pheasant fest

    Thank you, the total attendance will be interesting to see there.
  15. Favorite "Little Known or Low Budget" Movie?

    "Harlan Pepper, if you don't stop naming nuts!"
  16. Look up the recipe for "Doggie Oats". Our Airedales thrived for years on this plus quality dry food. Used old venison, W.Turkey scraps, freezer burned game birds as substitute for chicken when available. Our current Griff is a foodie and turned his nose up on "Doggie Oats" so he gets dry food.
  17. Womens Olympic Cross County Skiing Sprint Relay

    I watched the race also. Gotta give those ladies a lot of credit. No "give up" in those girls!! And the USA Women's Hockey taking GOLD!! That was great. A couple of sore sports on the Canadian team. I guess they thought they should win gold every time. That was some move that girl made on the goalie to win it in the shootout. We'll take her on the NY Rangers!!
  18. I guess you will have to decide if you will cook the meat or feed RAW. I have been feeding a RAW diet for more than 15 years and agree with what Urban Redneck said and use the same Prey 80/10/10 model. My 2 dogs eat about 4 lbs daily so about 120 lbs a month, the young 80 lbs Griffon eats 2.5 lbs daily. My costs run $150 to $180 a month, I also could shop better and get that price down but I buy high quality meats, a lot comes from my local butcher. You will need a freezer and it's best to buy in bulk, like 40 lbs cases of chicken leg quarters. One of the advantages of this diet is the dogs energy source comes from fat, Venison is too lean and fat would need to be added. Just remember NO cooked bones, RAW bones ONLY, even chicken bones are OK if they are NOT COOKED. Chicken typically is the primary meat source for most RAW feeders, as it's the cheapest (.75 to $1 a pound) since you have Venison and fish you may be able to feed a RAW diet for less money. My dogs typically eat several eggs a week, I can't see a reason why you can't feed an egg every day, if the stools get loose back it down.
  19. luxury trucks

    I DO need to get out more! I had truly never heard of "lumbersexual" before. This is a selfie with a "friend" below: Do I qualify? If so, what prize do I win?
  20. Pheasant fest

    Yes, Schaumburg, IL (nw suburbs of Chicago).
  21. Urban, You treat your dog too good. I can feed BOTH my labs for about $50 a month (commercial dry food).
  22. Re watched Children Of Men the other night. Really good movie with some crazy film work.
  23. luxury trucks

    Rumor has it this is the Maine Misanthrope during his formative years...
  24. Got a smelly mess at home.

    This is good news. Good things and bad things come in threes. So you're done now...eh? Unless something else bad happens...then you got 2 more coming. But... something good could happen to you. Glass is always half full...
  25. Lets see everyone's bird dogs!!!

    Levi and Layla
  26. Favorite "Little Known or Low Budget" Movie?

    If it hasn’t already been said, Best in Show
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