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  2. April 19, 1775

    Happy Patriots day everyone. Today is the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord and the start armed resistance in the Revolutionary War. While going about your daily routine today, take a moment to remember those Patriots from surrounding farms and villages who ran to the defense of liberty on this date 243 years ago. According to the history of my small town, all but a few sick and infirm men responded to "The Lexington Alarm" that day and stood against tyranny. Perhaps this evening toast those farmers and husbandmen with a gill of hard cider. Monument in my town common next to the cemetery where a number of veterans of the revolution are buried. There are a number of very good books about the battles and events leading up to it--here are a couple recommendations: Paul Revere's Ride By David Hackett Fisher Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick
  3. Porcupine and Skunk aversion training

    Maybe 2 ecollars 1 on neck and belly band then let Edison work his magic.
  4. Where to buy birds, closest to Boston

    That would be great, thank you! So far I'm not having a lot of luck. Fullflight out in western MA but they don't sell bobwhites.
  5. Weaver K-series scopes

    I don’t have any K series fixed power scopes but I do have this old Weaver variable that I think is pretty neat. It has the external windage and elevation adjustments, fine cross reticule, and 2.75-8 power magnification. I have it mounted on my grandfather’s Remington model 34, which is the only gun he ever bought new. When I got the gun, it was a rusted and broken mess. The stock was split lengthwise in two places, the take down thumbscrew had been replace with a hardware store bolt, and the rear sight elevator was missing. I cleaned it up as best I could, bought a new unfinished stock, and had the action drilled and tapped to accept the scope mounts. Also replaced any missing parts. I gave the gun to my Dad as a Father’s Day gift. Got it back recently.
  6. Ogallala Aquifer

    My dad and I were hunting in Kansas about 11 years ago. We seen a truck parked and a guy riding a 4 wheeler in a field, we stopped and asked what he was doing. He said he was checking water pump meters. After telling us about his job, he said at the rate they were taking water out that he wouldn't be surprised if the ground just caved in one day. Sounds like eventually it just might.
  7. Ogallala Aquifer

    Why pretend the irrigated ground has no useful purpose without the water? I don't know the economics of farming today, but when I lived out there I asked a group of farmers waiting for a appearance of Bob Dole, if they raised corn because it made more money than dry land crops like wheat and milo. There answer was some years yes some no. When I asked why they bothered with irrigated corn they said that they "liked" growing corn. Dole was giving a presentation on how he had acquired $3 million to add rip rap to the earthen dam of Harlan Co. Reservoir in Nebraska, which would further protect the dam if they drained the lake down to the original river bed so Kansas farmers could continue growing corn during the drought. This was in the early 80's when farmers were encouraged to enroll "vulnerable" land into the CRP program. The answer is simple enough to me, the government simply eliminates irrigation and pays the landowner the equivalent of any annual loss between what was corn and the value of their non-irrigated crop. Refill the aquifer and then enact sensible water rights.
  8. Greetings from New York

    When I lived in NYC, I used to train my GSP at Alley Pond environmental center. I would take pheasants and chuckers into the “woods”. By the time I would get the dogs, neighbors would go and find the dizzied birds and make a meal of em. Back in the 80’s we would have wild birds at the center at Kissena Park. Then the neighbors changed any all birds disappeared.
  9. Barbara Bush

    Yes, a very classy lady. My wife and I used to watch the news when they were in the white house just hoping to catch a glimpse of Millie.
  10. Greetings from New York

    Grand to have ye join us Mate, welcome to UJ. Slainte', Mike 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
  11. How's your memory?

    Memory must be under the category of "If you don't use it...you will lose it" and what a person prioritizes. Maybe it is how we are wired and what we value. I tend to like people but have found out that over the years the less I know about people the easier it is to co-exist with them. Perhaps working in a manufacturing environment for 40 years and sometimes working a couple feet from an individual for 8-12 hours a day a lack of memory retention is a type of protection. However...if you are not using it... you are probably losing it.. and I have had a lot of years of not using it. I know people who seem to desire to know everything about everybody and they remember it all. I ask "Why?" Facebook is creepy and I really don't even want to know stuff about people that is that personal. It seems to be safer. When I meet someone it seems in short order I determine if they are "nice" or "not nice" and most of the time names don't stick. I might remember what equipment they have on their dogs, personal quirks or the such but not the names. I guess I'm quite odd. Anyway...since I have spent decades attempting to not use my memory... old dog/ hunting photos generally jog my memory and a lot of good memories come back in full force. Maybe it is just an ol' guy thing.
  12. Today
  13. Baseball lovers.

    1986 Mets
  14. 2018 Photo Thread.

    Birds of peace. I wish I could hunt them.
  15. Greetings from New York

    Grousehuntr...I feel your pain. I've had the cops called on me when I tried training on the local Town soccer field ( I pay taxes for that too). I was just using bumpers for retriever training.
  16. US Open and World All-Around.

    Yep, now even in the lower classes it takes usually an 80 or more to win in most tournaments.
  17. Baseball lovers.

    Ken (Hawk) Harrelson just retired last year from announcing the White Sox games on TV. Colorful guy and a hard nosed player, I will miss his honestly sharp tongue and quick wit. Virgil
  18. How's your memory?

    I feel your pain
  19. How's your memory?

    I have started to tell a joke and part way through realize I don't remember the rest. I can't remember the names of people I work with when I need to introduce them. My wife will tell me a story, I'll ask where she got that information and she'll tell me I told her. I have absolutely no recollection of it. But I do remember how to get to the places I want to hunt and fish, what part of the field or lake is best and why. I recall the words to songs, lines and plots from favorite movies. Memory is a strange thing. I don't think the hits I have taken to my head in football or from falling has helped a great deal.
  20. Protecting Nice Pieces of Walnut from Rain

    All of my shotguns as well as rifles are taken apart and are given a coat of polyurethane on all internal wood, as well as under the butt plate. That helps to insure that no rain water that may (and will) get inside can penetrate the wood and possibly rust the unexposed metal and internal workings of the firearm after it's gotten a good cleaning. As far as the stock, I've used several types of wax, renaissance, butcher block wax, and some liquid waxes. All work pretty good, but I always have a short roll of paper towels in the vehicle to get a good wipe down before casing the firearm. Once home the firearm gets a real good cleaning and wipe down. I should also mention that I don't use my best shotguns when I know that it's going to rain on me and them.
  21. How's your memory?

    My memory is so bad, I can't remember what a nice, warm, sunny spring day with a gentle breeze blowing and birds singing is like. 😄. 😩 😡
  22. Baseball lovers.

    Growing up in Texas I was an idle Astros fan. Never played the sport, so I really didn’t pay a lot of attention. I now live in the DC area, and my wife’s office got season tickets to the Nats when they came to town, went to a number of games, and six or seven years ago I realized I was now not only a big Nats fan but understood the game well enough to enjoy baseball games in general. Who woulda thunk? We have a place in Vermont, and had to take down an attached barn about five years ago. Replaced it with a big new room, and I put speakers in all four corners and set up a Bluetooth enabled receiver and subwoofer. We greatly enjoy opening up all the windows on a fine summer evening, making a cocktail and listening to games stream over mlb.com. Oh, and I now pay a lot of attention to the Stros, as I have a bunch of fri nds in Houston.
  23. Sickle tail

    I have never bred a dog (never will) and never been to a trail, but find this discussion very informative and interesting. It helps me understand a world that I will probably never have a chance to visit. Thanks to all contributors.
  24. If you guys could hunt or live in any State ...

    Montana....although, as we speak, I am planning on semi-retiring in either NW SD OR SW ND....keeps me a bit closer to my base in Duluth, Mn, and also, I still can dream about MT, which at that point is within easy striking distance. Dickinson, ND would become my commercial hub. Love that Teddy Roosevelt Ntl Park...pretty unique area.
  25. Who are you listening to?

    Listening to THE ALT - me all time favorite Irish style guitarist John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy on flute, and Eamon O' Leary on bouzouki, a trio of incredibly talented musicians whom I have personally met at a house concert, John Doyle on more than one occasion. Give a listen and enjoy this tight one "GEESE IN THE BOG". CHEERS, Mike 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
  26. Kansas or Nebraska. Center of the country and lots of different species as well as good fishing/big game hunting. I'm not a huge big game guy, but I do like to eat venison. Good duck hunting as well. I like to hunt everything, but my two favorites are upland birds and turkeys. Above said, I have a friend in Idaho who can't believe how much upland species there are and generally how low the pressure is compared to back east.
  27. George Bird Evans' Guns

    I doubt either factor’s influence would have been in play but, one will never know.....one can only make assumptions and guesses, as noted. Of course GBE respected the Purdey and, would honestly consider advice from any respected source.
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