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  2. Ah man...this is terrible and something out of a horror movie. So sorry for your friends loss. I hope he is okay and recovers.
  3. salmontogue

    Semi-Auto vs Over Under

    All great points I have always shot well with various iterations of the Browning A5 and the Remington 1100. I had three BULs, only the 28g remains. Also several SBE and they are also gone along with two Franchi 48AL guns. Two A400 Berettas with hideous receiver colors and phoney-baloney fake wood. They were mechanically sound but just seemed like the shotgun version of fake news. The BULs experienced the fatal Benelli click. The current Browning A5 guns are very nice except for the design of the pistol grip which I find to be hideous. Our exceptional UJ member, Dave Erickson, experienced serious brain waves and converted his Sweet Sixteen to a straight grip. Smart idea, Browning could learn a lot from Dave, seriously. Maybe they will get the message. The only SAs that I use in the uplands are an A5 Light Twenty and a 28g BUL The rest of the time is reserved for doubles, domestic classics and imported classics, and Winchester Model 12 in 12, 20, 28 and the Model 42 in .410. I have a Winchester Black Shadow 1200 and a Camo Mossberg 500 for nasty weather. Waterfowl choices include an A5 12 mag but my primary is a Citori Mag 12 (3-1/2) with 2-3/4 and 3 inch loads. My primary SA choice is a Winchester SX4. My bad weather guns are Mossberg 835 camo. My wife is deadly with the SX4 and loves it. She has her own. I recently sold a 12g A5, two SBE, three BUL, all my Franchis and two A400s. I was not using any of them. Remaining on the possible disposal list are an FN Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen, several Rem 1100, a mint 870 Mag Wingmaster and several straight grip SA, an 1100 and an 11-87. Two early SuperX guns are under agreement pending funds. If I was purchasing a current production SA it would be a Winchester SX4 which is the fastest cycling SA I have handled. It balances and fits well. It is just plain slick. If Browning were to return to the round knob pistol grip on the A5, I would certainly consider that option. The Weatherby/Mossberg SA-08 is an economical choice that would not disappoint. I owned a second occupation gun business for over three decades and had the opportunity to use a spectrum of guns. I have no problems with a compact number of SA and pumps but doubles are mostly all wonderful. I'm aging and that section of the armory needs paring next....very painful. Perk
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  5. Thanks so much for offering. It looks like we have it taken care of but if it falls through I’ll drop you a note. A big big thanks to the bird hunting community, the amount of folks willing to help a total stranger is humbling.
  6. Snapt I can be in Mt. Home tomorrow afternoon if needed. I am in eastern ID tonight, headed to Boise after morning hunt. PM me if you need help collecting your buddies gear.
  7. Wow this is awful,wish there was something I could do.
  8. I spent last week in Michigan chasing grouse and woodcock. Wednesday we hunted in the rain most of the afternoon. At the end of the day I took my Garmin TT 15 collars (3) of the dogs and put them in the back seat of my truck. Thursday morning at our first spot I couldn’t get the newest (purchased in August) to turn on. I just assumed I didn’t get it turned off and the battery died over night. Later that night I tried charging it with no luck. The following Monday I called Garmin customer service and explained my situation. We tried a few things that took about 5 minuets and then he said “you bought a product and expect it to work”. “This collar obviously is not doing that so we are going to replace it with a new one.” I asked if I needed to send the charger back with the old one. He said, “no take off the collar, probes, antenna, and antenna holder and keep them for spare parts and just send back the unit.” I sent it out Monday afternoon and the new one will be here Tuesday. Great Customer Service!
  9. spring

    Micheal's aftermath on quail woods

    We lost a lot of trees at my farm; both big pines and old hardwoods. My forester contacted me the day after and said a timber crew I've used before was working near me, but because of the heavy rains, didn't want to immediately go back to that job. With trees down all around my farm, and huge numbers on roads, we quickly negotiated a deal and got them working on my place the next day. I was very concerned about quail habitat destruction, so we left a lot of isolated falls, but so far they've cleaned my roads and pulled 53 loads off; they'll finish in the morning. Under tough circumstances, even at discounted prices, it worked out reasonably well. Everyone around here was hit to some degree; some severely. Heard Gillionville Plantation is shutting down their hunting completely for the season.
  10. couliewalker

    Semi-Auto vs Over Under

    Some guns are fast to the shoulder ,others take longer to get up and on target. My browning a5 fn made in 20 or sweet sixteen fits the fast gun category.Maybe it's the shape of the receiver.. Of all the guns I've ever put up to the shoulder the a5's have the best safety in my opinion. with safety on,I put it to the shoulder and as you pull the trigger the safety is so large and is located behind the trigger guard that your finger automatically clicks it off. No fumbling
  11. ruff hunter

    Who are you listening to?

    One of the greatest bands of all time and one helluva rock n roll song!
  12. idcut

    6.5x55 modern swede

    I have 2- 6.5x55, one being a Gustav Model 94 Swede Mauser carbine, the other being a Husqvarna model 640, built on a FN action. I shoot and like both, particularly the 640 for deer hunting.
  13. Wow sorry for your friends loss. I also never herd of such a travesty.
  14. The lake is 185 yards out my back porch.
  15. Up North

    I got to meet this rancher!

    Did a drone fly bye today. When I tried to get to close for better pics they started to scatter. It is almost 2 miles from our house to where they are in the field.
  16. RookieEP

    Two Days, Two Pa’tridge

  17. floodcity

    PA Duck hunt

    Sounds like you had a great spot for woodies, Rick. My duck hunting is spotty and our early season is only 1 week but love jump shooting those woodies. It's actually a pretty tough hunt walking/wading the marsh and snags. Much more physically demanding than grouse or woodcock to me. Beaver holes should have warning signs! Cant get my setters to like water but doubt they would be much help in this type of hunt plus the beaver cuttings could be very hazardous for a dog.
  18. RookieEP

    Is a Plug required for KS?

    With my shooting i need all the lead possible.
  19. My goodness...of all things that can befall a bird dog I have never thought of that possibilty. Tragic
  20. aje4

    Two Days, Two Pa’tridge

    That’s awesome! Great job....
  21. gundogpa

    Char connects

    Char shot this deer at 9 yards........came right at us and finally she leaned out of the blind and shot it right between the shoulders. LOL Not text book but it piled up with a spine shot.
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