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  2. Well when it comes to going out to hunt in the morning I am not going to do Spam. Usually. It is Scrapple, eggs and coffee that is what makes a man fit to go kill birds. Even on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Hey I have connections for home made scrapple and they ship in the cooler months 😉
  3. bullseyebill

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    Hope the pups are feeling better.
  4. Jakeismydog2

    Older classic cars and trucks.

    The classics are more fun to look at... but that is the one I really would prefer to drive.
  5. Now I love Spam, but saying it is almost as good as scrapple... that's a mighty bold statement. Mighty bold.
  6. Jakeismydog2

    Chest Protection

    Sylmar...seriuosly my dog would be dead with out it. If it can protect him from concertina wire i am sure it will do whatever you need it to do for you.
  7. Today
  8. juneboy1

    Montana BMA info available Aug 10th

    Thanks for the heads up!
  9. gunsrus

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    I wash the feed dish after every meal .
  10. fishvik

    She likes it

    She is the fiestiest puppy I've ever owned. I'm not sure she wouldn't try to bring back a duck, already
  11. GB Jack


    Item 5 115.00
  12. Okhotnik

    Door County, WI Fishing

    There's some great fishing up in that area. Jealous but thanks for sharing. Have to look up "shivering"
  13. Cooter Brown

    advice on woodcock???

    That's a factor, and woodcock can run like crazy sometimes, but so do grouse, and I've found false points far more prevalent hunting woodcock than grouse, and the dog less likely to relocate from the false point to a productive. Lots of scent and a different scent profile than grouse partly because woodcock are often more concentrated than ruffs. Like you said about the video, it takes a young dog a while to sort it all out. I've seen more than one young dog pointing splash.
  14. Irishwhistler


    ~ DOWN BY THE RIVER ~ I have been a Neil Young fan for well over fifty years now and love that song. I have also been a fan of obedient, well trained dogs for about the same duration of time. I took MAC and TRAD out for some pre-tropical storm recreation today and allowed them some time to run freely in a riverbed, the water being fairly low. Not one to waste an opportunity to reinforce obedience during such outings, I seized upon this teachable moment by whistle stopping the dogs mid-stream and giving them the "DOWN" command, the results seen in the above photo. Their visual focus upon me, I delayed them for a reasonable amount of time before giving them a release command so that they were once again free to romp. A few constants to keep in mind, (1) Never give a command you are not able to enforce. (2) Give a command once, do not repeat commands. (3) Make corrections of commands not complied with. (4) Set the trainee up for success, timing of commands issued to ensure success are an invaluable training tool. (5) Reward the trainee for the desired response performed for commands issued. Hot and humid today, I think MAC and TRAD enjoyed this drill fully. 👍 Enjoy every moment spent with ye beloved gun dogs! Cheers, THE DOG WHISTLER ☘️🇮🇪🇺🇸
  15. gwponr

    Cell phone service?

    Ive always had verizon and with all my traveling I found they had the best service coverage all round. Now that I moved to Potrero I get no verizon service until I hike 20 minutes up the hill. So I got a phone with sprint as they get service at the house, when Im back in town I think they suck. Not to mention the endless text messages with affiliate offers, I have warned them a couple times about all the texts to no avail as soon as I put up a booster antenna for my verizon numbers I will drop sprint like a rock
  16. 406dn

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    One thing I have gotten better about is washing their feed dish after every feeding. I suspected that might have been the source of one of my dogs having a rough couple of days.
  17. Jazz4Brazo

    advice on woodcock???

    Oh ya...they run out from under points alright...and so do grouse...I am sure we've all experienced it and some times we even see booking it out of dodge...revenge birds I say😡🤠
  18. Okhotnik

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    Can salmonella get into dry dog food?
  19. Zoli 16ga.

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    do they all drink from the same water bowl?
  20. doodlecrazy

    advice on woodcock???

    Spot on!
  21. Dave Erickson

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    Good luck, Al. Hard to see our buddies not feeling well.
  22. spring

    Wader shoes

    Skip the waders and these work pretty well.... 😉
  23. shoot-straight

    How many miles is too many on a used truck?

    I have posted before that I have A 07 tundra, and likely won't buy another. I have Had some repairs- some "expected" with age, some very premature. ALL very very expensive repairs compared to say a Chevy. Also, they still have not figured out how to properly use seam sealer and other coatings to prevent rust. Mine is terrible. There was a recall, but I did Not have "enough" rust. So they sprayed it with a sealer- covering it up. Not happy. My 0.02$
  24. bigjohnsd

    Cell phone service?

    Precisely the reason I go hunting! To get away from the phone and the data.
  25. gaberdeen

    Multiple dogs all get sick

    Mojo for the crew Al.
  26. shoot-straight

    Wader shoes

    Another vote for Simms. My orvis ones fell apart ASAP. I think Mine are vapors as well.
  27. bmeador

    Cell phone service?

    Tina and I have US Cellular. We have some service in ME, OK, AZ, UT and perfect service here on the East coast. We may have to drive 3 or 4 miles but we can check mail and make calls.
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