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  2. Dickinson wishful thinking or not

    Have you considered an Ugartechea? Should be able to find sub 6lb 20 guages easily. Priced comparably to dickinson.
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  4. Just isn't the same

    I've always lived by the adage, "wild birds, public lands." But this thread has me thinking how very lucky I've been to live near large tracts of public lands. Truth is, I'd take a stupid bird any day, I just don't want to see anyone else when I hunt.
  5. What did you cook today

    Coffee, a duck hunt, and beer. There will be some turkey and pie in there somewhere.
  6. Dickinson wishful thinking or not

    Can you get them with a single trigger? I love the way the come up and point. Sweet little guns.
  7. Just isn't the same

    Same here, I have seen the weeks, and the stockings so far have always been on a Wed-Thurs-or Fri. Have yet to see the actual day listed.
  8. Dog Bells

    I disagree with the idea that a bell spooks pheasants. I have run a bell on my dog for three years now. I see no difference at all. I hunted the same dog with no bell for several years before this. Maybe it was other things that one day.
  9. What did you cook today

    We are having a "late" Thanksgiving family dinner tomorrow. Items on the menu are: Roast Turkey Baked Ham Chicken and Dumplings Cornbread Dressing Sweet Potato casserole Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Mac and Cheese Sweet Corn put up this summer Celery stuffed with cream cheese Cranberry Sauce Pickles, Olives, etc. plate Gravy Apple Pie Pecan Pie Key Lime Pie Then watch the Alabama-Auburn football game on TV followed by a nap.
  10. 12 ga for Bobwhites

    Where I live in the Texas Panhandle there are a lot of wild bobwhite and I've been blessed to have hunted them often in my 76 years. A light weight twelve gauge is probably the idea gun. I shoot one ounce of #7 at 1150-1200 fps and am perfectly satisfied. My experience is that smaller shot often results in more wounded and lost birds, a result of poor penetration. The twenty gauge is just as good with the same load and is often lighter.
  11. Dog Bells

    So are you trying to keep them closer or just keep tabs on where they are every minute. Its wide open where I hunt but still not uncommon to not seem my dogs for 10-15 minutes. They aren’t that far away maybe 200 yards tops but the land is so broken up you just can’t see them.
  12. Dog Bells

    I am a Virginia boy and I use a bell in our forests on 2 big running dogs and GPS. I want to know where they are all the time. Out west, they range way to far and I can see them, mostly - so no bell. Our woodcock and quail don't mind a bell at all.
  13. A-10 Warthogs.

    i was hiking in the Adirondacks in the late 90's with a buddy. We stopped to take a break along the shores of a remote pond after climbing up through a steep pass. A low rumble began to sound off in the distance. At first I thought it might be thunder in the distance but the rumbling began to get louder and closer very fast. Within seconds it sounded like a dam freight train coming through the woods right at us. Just about then 3 A-10's flew above us shooting up through the canyon we had just climbed. Needless to say it scared the #$%^ out of me. Turns out later we were talking to DEC ranger who told us the A-10's were known to buzz through that canyon even though they weren't suppose too. I am in awe of them to this day.
  14. What did you cook today

    For T-day we cooked a fresh turkey that I brined in cider for 24 hrs. I also made Brussels sprouts with Panchetta and duck fat. Other family members cooked stuffing, sweet potatoes and squash. My stepson made fresh cranberry sauce which was excellent. The only bummer was dinner was at my step daughters house which means we had no leftovers at my house. To remedy this my wife is going to make another thanksgiving dinner on Monday.
  15. Dog Bells

    I don’t get it. All you New England grouse hunters with your damn bells. Ever wonder if the reason grouse are so cagey is all the bells....😉 I tried a bell pheasant hunting in heavy cover a few times the birds just blew out of the cover way ahead. the beeper collars seem to mesmerize the bird but it’s like hunting with a back hoe.... Someone explain the bells if it’s just tradition that will suffice cause I sure can’t peg down the effectiveness aspect.
  16. What did you cook today

    Sounds like ours was similar to yours: appetizers were smoked bacon wrapped duck and fig bites, and an assortment of cheeses, sausages and crackers. main course was smoked and toasted turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoe casserole, butternut squash, cornbread stuffing, brussel sprouts, salad, and different breads. dessert was apple pie that my wife mixed a sharp cheddar into the crust, pecan pie (also my favorite) cookies and port. to top everything off, one of my wife’s cousins turned 21 yesterday, so a meal ending toast with cranberry sauce Jell-O shots was made. I was skeptical, but they were actually quite the hit. hope everyone had a chance to enjoy a festive meal with family and friends
  17. VA Woodcock They are here

    Enjoy them while you have them!
  18. Grouse Question....

    I havent killed a grouse after noon this year. But then again I havent killed one before noon, either. I hunt whenever I can, its not like they disappear during certain hours of the day.
  19. VA Woodcock They are here

    Excellent, looks like a good time to get out Monday afternoon.
  20. Just isn't the same

    Amen. Looking for a mixed bag hunt last Friday I split my time between forest and field and put up 5 grouse, 2 pheasant and 2 woodcock. I had actually expected more pheasant but oh well (I did actually see more than just the two we flushed.) I also found a whole new area of grouse cover to go back and explore more in depth and potenrially great woodcock cover marked for next year. That and the # of grouse flushes are what excited me most and I know of PA hunter that have put up double and even triple that in a day this year. Ruffneck mentioned the PGC posts the actual day of stocking. I know one can find out but as far as I know they only post the weeks for stocking (it'll say of week of 11/17), which is fine with me. I don't need to know exact field and day. For the record, the pheasants we have found have all been fast flyers.
  21. I hunted Monday and Tuesday of this week and found nothing. Hunted this afternoon from 3:15 till 4:45 in western Powhatan in a thinned pine plantation and the birds were thick! I shot poorly and killed three and got back to the truck at 4:45. I flushed 6 birds after I finished shooting.
  22. Porcupines

    My mutt has had solid points on two. One will never be pointed again....the second continued to roam in the Allegany. Not a huge problem in my parts from what I gather, but leave a ton of road kills every year.
  23. Dog Bells

    It doesn't have to be enormous to be loud. http://www.newenglandbells.com/dog-collar-bells/ I run one of these on a fairly big running gsp. Works great. I would stay away from the cowbell style there a much deader tone.
  24. Dog Bells

    Sunkhaze bells . My hearing is bad and they work for me . Google to find but I think Lion Country Supply carries them . I also use an Alpha , don't like always looking at the screen but do like to hear the bell and always know where my Setter is.
  25. Dog Bells

    Lion Country sells an enormous bell that you can hear.
  26. Dog Bells

    Garmin, no noise never loose your pup.
  27. Just isn't the same

    Nothing like walking close to fifty miles in a couple of days for a few flushes and a couple of dead birds. Yup bird numbers are certainly down.
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