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  2. Randy S

    Spaniels, tell me about yours.

    My last springer would whine constantly when retrieving on water or heavy cover. Otherwise she was quiet. Her noise kinda bothered me too till I realized that she was whining because she couldn't get to the more difficult birds fast enough. It's nice to have a breed that sometimes has a hard time pleasing itself.
  3. SelbyLowndes

    Musings of a oldish grouse hunter

    Mowed trails are a Godsend for older hunters, both canine and human. I keep a broomsage "bird field" on my farm mowed out with trails just to set out birds on. I'll see to it my 14 year old GWP (pictured at left) gets to point a bird or twenty on that field this Fall...SelbyLowndes
  4. dogrunner

    Older classic cars and trucks.

    Grouse mobile.
  5. Brad Eden

    Musings of a oldish grouse hunter

    New Topic on the aging Upland hunter over in Upland Health Topic worth looking at too. I think I can address your observations. I am currently somewhat hobbled by a recuperating knee. So most of my hunts this fall are as you described. I go to easier covers with my Springer Cash, that have decent open trails or overgrown twitch roads, and I walk those while he cruises the edges popping back and forth over the trail on his own or to a toot on the whistle. I haven't shot a lot of birds but that's not his fault. It's amazing how many birds will fly across or straight down a trail. Certainly as many flush the wrong way, but so be it. Cash isn't steady to wing or shot but has always taken a short run at a flying bird but turns and comes back to the flush spot to fill his nose. Not taught , I'm just lucky. What is most interesting is he seems to know I am not able to crash cover or work quickly right now, and has adjusted by going slower, even stopping and sitting, and looking back at me without any whistle or hand signal. That's the working relationship and partnership that keeps me in Springers after all these years. At this juncture I really couldnt do any steeple chase or even 100 yard crawl into a thick cover to a point. It's a fallacy that flushers are only for younger hunters, they in fact may be a good choice for the older hunter if trained and developed to what you need and want. I just spent a few days at my northwoods camp with a UJer who had his GSP. I didn't even think about hunting with them. This guy is naturally athletic with long legs and his dog would be good on the Prairie as well as the Maine woods. They went their way which was hunting cross country and me and Cash went ours as described above. Regardless, sounds like you need to start exercising, stretching and watching your weight like the rest of us aging Upland bird hunter.
  6. Dongotto

    Baseball playoffs WOW!

    The series will have some pitchers that will likely make the hall. Should be a fun one to watch.
  7. WI Outdoor Nut

    Musings of a oldish grouse hunter

    As you can imagine, the best thing you can do is drop the weight. And I know that is easier said then done. But you don't see many overweight grouse hunters - just too hard on the body, especially joints. Then hunt with what ever kind of dog you like - that becomes a personal preference. Even pointers, you can bring back in and shorten their range with some training. Buddy of mine runs a French brit, and he is a 40 yard dog all day long. If you like the pointy type dogs, find a blood line that is a bit closer than 130 yards.
  8. Brad Eden

    Northwoods Maine Report

    The recent serious wind and rain storm across Maine knocked a LOAD of leaves off. It looks a lot like mid November in many areas right now.
  9. erik meade

    Baseball playoffs WOW!

    I was unclear. I root for the national league. Unless the NL team is the cubs. In which case I root for the AL team to beat the Cubs. I want the Cubs to lose.
  10. Brad Eden

    Maine Bird Hunting Facts

    The shale they use on logging roads especially at low spots and stream crossings wreak havoc on tires. Get high ply if you are planning on tooling around on northern Maine paper company logging roads. Or bring at least two spares. And don't get all bummed out and pissed off if you see a truck driving slowly in front if you...that has beaten you to a particularly good stretch of partridge gravel pickin road. Just pull over and have a snack or shoot the breeze or whatever for 15 minutes, then follow them. The road birds aren't freaked out by vehicles and more will pop into road. I mean, this is what I have heard, I have no first hand knowledge of this....
  11. BBlizzard18

    venison & arrow recovery

    I always feel guilty about tossing the hide. I’ve kept a couple from larger deer, but there is only so many deer hides you can hang on a wall. I tried to find a place to donate, but no luck without driving a half day.
  12. Ndi32

    Musings of a oldish grouse hunter

    Tough call. A flusher that understands pace and how to stay "connected" with his/her hunter in thick grouse cover or how to do loops off a trail can produce a lot of good shooting opportunities. I obviously lean the flusher way so grain of salt and all. Experience has shown me that trail focused hunting has lots benefits for and can extend the career of an aging dog. The same logic probably applies to an aging hunter........
  13. GlennW

    2019 Hunting Photos-Post Them Here...

    Had a good week with the wife and dogs in the U.P. of Michigan Glenn
  14. redwing

    Musings of a oldish grouse hunter

    It's a no brainer, loss the 20 lbs and stick with the pointers(maybe ask Walt lister for a tip or two😂)
  15. Today
  16. caseybritt

    Northwoods Maine Report

    Well I just came back from the annual trip to the Northwoods and I must report it was "decent". Not our best year and definitely not our worst. The weather has been warm and the grouse are still eating bugs and haven't come to the roads yet. Didn't see 1 bird on the road the entire time we were there. We moved a lot of woodcock but mostly resident birds as the locals told me the flight has not come yet. The trees still had a lot of foliage as well. The dogs were on the on ground 7 days total and got quite a workout. I think in total we ended up with 9 grouse and 33 woodcock and left many more out there for the next guys. This trip, although about finding birds and making shots is just as much about the camaraderie with great people and great dogs. My 1 year old EB got her first grouse point and retrieve and received a crash course training session she could never had got at home. I will send some pics to follow PM me if you want and specific details .
  17. Auto-5

    favorite gear

    I literally have a closet full of gear and find myself gravitating to just a few items. My most got to have em item is my Orvis leather upland gloves. Love em. I have both a Boyt upland coat and vest that I use 99% of the time based on temp I used brush pants for years and finally bought a pair of Orvis chaps . Won me over. a Cabelas upland belt vest is in rotation in very hot weather (doves) i wear Bean boots most of the time or Merrel hikers for doves.
  18. By putting consistent time & exposure in with their dogs from a young age. And regarding having your dog at a trainer for a week. In all honesty, that was likely a waste of money. Commit to at minimum a month with a trainer or don't bother because your throwing money away by tea-totaling when it comes to training. You have a dog with obvious drive and fondness for game (he retrieves ducks which is a great start.) Be honest about your lack of ability to get him on the necessary upland birds/training and then commit to a 2-3 months with an experienced Versatile breed dog trainer for a specific task- in this case pointing and steadiness.) Continue to work obedience but also realize that one of the first things any good trainer is going to have to do is work obedience with your dog BEFORE ever going to the field with birds. You (or a trainer) can't really accomplish anything meaningful in just a week. Good luck.
  19. Swampy 16

    PA grouse & woodcock opener

    We had a slow day as well. Only 8 flushes (grouse) but not a single shot offered. Last year was quite the opposite. Need to do some more snooping before I say the numbers are down in that area. They may be in adjacent areas feeding on something different than what they were feeding on last year. But I will second the beautiful day. It was stunning !
  20. Tim Frazier

    Spaniels, tell me about yours.

    Love this! I know the feeling, thrilling and exhausting! My setters expectations are "let me run" a Springers expectations are "your running with me"
  21. Lurch

    Thinking about Kansas

    almost - Best Place IS Kansas (and not just cuz of the sunrise & sunsets!)
  22. OHhamster

    I need a youth hunter in NW Ohio

    If you're just looking to run the dog then another option would be to go looking for woodcock at a non-release area. Good on you though for wanting to let a youth experience a hunt over a bird dog!
  23. I am a converted flushing guy (always have had springers) to a guy with a Pointer. The last 3 years, I have been hunting pretty much exclusively with my pointer June Bug. She is a great dog; biddable, great nose, great race, and is steady to flush but breaks a bit on the shot (I can live with that), and she retrieves. She is a lot of dog and Im pleased to own her and hunt behind her. She is also a great dog in the house. This past Friday, I took my daughter’s lab May May out for a hunt. May was ecstatic that she finally got to jump in and ride shotgun out to the woods. It was a beautiful fall day about 50 degrees and a light wind. My plan was to just walk this trail that I call Par 5-Dog Leg Right. It is a half mile mowed trail in the middle of paper mill land and it takes a mile walk in thru the woods to get to and a mile out. (An adjacent land owner keeps it up and how he has gotten away with it is beyond me). Anyway, May quartered 25 yards on each side on the trail and proceeds to put up 12 birds in this half mile stroll (one was a re-flush). With a full game bag and on the way out, I stopped to perform a West Nile Study Kit on the last bird and sit in the sunshine and give praises to Chocolate Thunder (as I call her). I started to think about the future of my hunts and here in lies the dilemma. Im 59 and about 20 LBS overweight. Walking those trails for those birds was a hell of a lot easier than swimming through broom handle sized aspen, and stumbling over slash racing to get to the point 130 yards away. Don’t get me wrong, I relish that hunt as well but I am starting to feel my age (or weight) and I am wondering whether or not at this stage in my life, my next dog shouldn’t be of the trail walking variety. Ive got many very good years of hunting left with my pointer but after her, Im wondering if my body will keep up with another pointer.
  24. ryanr

    PA grouse & woodcock opener

    Beautiful but frustrating day only in terms of birds. With the exception of one random rooster, I couldn't confirm a single flush of grouse or woodcock. But damn it was a gorgeous Fall day in PA's northern tier. A crisp 32 in the morning that warmed up quickly into the 60s. The contrast of red and gold foliage with the breaks of green evergreen or grassy hillside was postcard worthy. The dog's had fun and ran about 15 miles on the day. And what I liked was it wasn't just one dog following the other, each of them was hunting and working the cover and wind. A couple times they even appeared to work a cover in a bit of a partnership though that will be a work in progress. Hazel's getting vocal now pretty steady on fur, she briefly chased something twice- yapping away as she ran. And Quade gave a deep bark at something once but tends not to chase anymore when we're bird hunting. At the first gamelands there was one particular area, a nice valley and hillsides that I really wanted to hunt. It had abandoned orchards and interspersed wetland and reverting farmland. But there were 2 bowhunters in there and a couple guys running beagles thru it so we stayed out and hunted some nearby edges. I also ended up being a bit limited, especially early on due to an extremely sore Achilles. In the afternoon there seemed to be a lot of deer moving. I ended up seeing at least 5 bucks in the afternoon and a few dozen deer total. Saw a couple Bald eagles too and real nice black bear on the ride home too.
  25. Spin1

    2019 pheasant hunting thread.

    The wife and I got out yesterday.
  26. DD Huntress

    "PUP TENT"

  27. grouse28

    Maine Bird Hunting Facts

    Yep there were a couple of guys from MD here in the area that hired a guide to take them road hunting. Of course if your rig is not equipped with E rated tires the big woods can be hell on tires.........And a certain, otherwise nice gentleman, in the area will not stop to help you out.
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