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Game Shooting Better

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I was gonna let you stay in the dog box......

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stephen brown


You scare me.

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Jay Barrows
I am afraid that if I heed the advice herein, I will bag more birds, and hence will have more birds to pluck and dress at the very time of day when I would rather put my feet up whilst nursing a toddy!  :D

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- shoot a light, dynamic game gun

I am all about helping people to attain that specific goal.

I'm trying to organize some thoughts about that in an attempt to make that info available to everyone, in a language that is common to us all and in an instructional way that makes sense and is repeatable and sustainable and infectiously fun.

Backed up with an offer to contributing UJ'ers to come learn it firsthand and for absolutely no cost.

Some things in life are free to those that deserve it.

Any headway on the above subject, PC?

I find myself intermittently struggling with my light AYA #4 20g in the grouse woods. One day I can't miss and another day I can't seem to hit (like yesterday when I moved 7 grouse and missed 5 of them). Some common themes I find myself reiterating when i whiff are:

slow my mount- it's too jerky and rushed, hence i shoot too soon without really focusing on the bird.

keep the gun to your face, don't peek. this is hard to do when i intermittently lose sight of the bird because of wooded conditions.

see the birds head/beak/eye (go back to slow my mount).

to be honest, i haven't given footwork in the woods enough thought either.

What unique considerations are there when shooting a light game gun?

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Brian T

I sold off 10 of my 12 shotguns, almost all 12ga.  I got tired of wrasslin' with different actions, safeties, etc (Ruger, Boito, Benelli, Beretta, Arietta, Remington, Stoeger, etc.)  The 12 ga that I kept is a o/u Baikal with Truchoke tubes.  It fits me.

So, I decided that I'd like to have a 20 for grouse.

I bought a s/s 20 Baikal, ss trigger, ejectors, tubes.  A very reputable gunsmith that I've known for 35 years has claimed that " most shotguns fit 15% of shooters."  I believe it.  I decided that I would alter the gun to fit me.

1.  Ordered a selection of new tubes from George Trulock.

2.  Added 1.5" to the lop with a maple spacer.

3.  The shot pattern board showed both barrels shooting 3" high and 4" left of the mark. The gun was assembled correctly.

4.  I carved 3/16" off the comb to drop the shot and 4/16" off the cheek to move the shot to the right.

5.  Back to the shot pattern board.  Right on the mark!!!!

6.  The last trick was to have the 'smith take off the front bead, drill and tap a hole for what is called a "cap screw".  This help with jumpers and long shots.  Yeah it sticks up but that's the value.

I have a grouse gun which fits me and it really is a pleasure to carry and shoot.

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On ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2009 at 10:54 AM, Hunshatt said:

Would you guys PLEASE stop...... his freakin head barely fits in my truck as it is....... Theres very little room left for his ego, as well as his bulbous head in the back of the truck.... "oh Tim, please drive me over there"

So Evil Clown You've finally come crawling back to us!:D

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