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Game shooting Better II

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What prompted me post was fact that I just took another whipping trying yet again to use your suggested method of target aquisition with my regular Wed. afternoon group  of 6.   Sorry, but it does not work for me.  That said, I do appreciate your writing and have benefited by it.

sometimes you have to take step backwards to take 2 forwards

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Kemo Sabe


Great explanation of an important aspect of getting on the road to better shooting.

My only comment is with your terminalogy. What you are describing here is usually referred to as the insertion point. Cutting off is usually used to describe what one does when using a diminishing lead or intercepting a closed angle presentation. A common ploy for shooting quartering rabbits.

Where one starts (inserts) their gun is vital to shooting well on a consistent  basis. You've done a great job in getting that across.

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