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Ruffie Recipe?

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Cooter Brown
Pluck... Skin on.... Season with salt, pepper, fresh pressed garlic and fresh parsely.  Quickly brown skin on all sides in an oven safe skillet on high heat...  with butter or oil (your choice... My recommendation is half olive oil and half truffle butter).  Place a  quarter of an onion and a quartered of an apple in each grouse body cavity. You may put a pat of butter on top... Then place in 375 oven for approx. 40 min (each oven is different.... Do not over cook) spoon drippings over each grouse in skillet half  way through... With 10 min to go flip each grouse to drive juice back into breast... Leave up side down for 5 min... Flip right side up for remaining 5 min or so.  Remove from oven... Remove onion and apple from each grouse...set  grouse aside under foil tent to rest while you make the following sauce.... Deglaze skillet over high heat with scotch (or bourbon or brandy) of your choice (recommend The Glen Livet).... While you run the onion and apple through a blender on purée... Spoon the purée back into the skillet and place over high heat.... Add a generous amount of currant jelly and whisk together.... Reduce to make sauce.

Serve one grouse per person... Spoon sauce over each grouse.  Serve with crispy hash browns or home fries (recommend diced onion and green peep per in home fries), and asparagus (Aldente with a splash of lemon juice), as well as the wine or beer of your choice.

Other recommendations:  follow meal with strong coffee and rich chocolate brownies and vanilla ice cream.  Post desert... Savor the evening... the company of friends and the warmth of a wood stove with the scotch (recommend Lagavulin 16 year old), wine or beer (recommend Belhaven Scotish ale) of your choice.

Also... Love up the dogs and let them sleep in front of the fire.


That sounds terrific!

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