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bosco mctavitch

Patterning for stock fit

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Great advice and sound reasoning I suppose. The cast makes sense but I am not sure I can wrap my mind around the drop rationale.

I too will have to think on it.

I know a guy who has his field grouse guns modified with a half inch more drop to his face vs his target guns. His rationale is that he accepts the fact that he will often not get his cheek weld as high grouse hunting as he would target shooting.

He's a professional shooter.

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With regard to barrel regulation, I had a few issues with a gun delivered out of specification so I took the gun over to Fieldsport and had Bryan help me analyze the problems.

We started with barrel regulation and I noticed he didn't shoot from a rest. I mentioned that he had taught me to shoot from a rest in the past and he responded: "Those were the dark ages." He expanded indicating that he has found that this science of shooting is fluid and dynamic and that shooting from a rest wouldn't take such factors into account.  He now simply aims at the target to check barrel regulation, allowing recoil and any other natural force to affect the pattern placement.  

I think that makes sense conceptually.  Any opinions?  At any rate, I've been performing barrel regulation tests that way ever since.

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