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      To the Guests who have decided to register for Membership. PLEASE add more info than just  "hunting" or "Upland hunting" or "birds" or "outdoors" or similar nebulous terms in the required INTERESTS field. Despite this Boards strong spam filtering it is not bullet proof, so Spam registrations do sneak through. I need an inkling that you are a warm blooded human being not a Spam Bot tagging onto key words. Thank you.
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Brad Eden

Becoming a Contributing Member

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Brad Eden

You will notice that under members names and Avatars on posts it says either "Group: Members" or "Group: 2016+ CONTRIBUTING MEMBER".


For a minimum donation of $25 (Many feel the board is worth more than that and their donations reflect that. :)) the Contributing Member Group enjoys enhanced board capabilities for one year such as:


The Donating/Contributing Member Group enjoys the ability to Upload Images directly to Topics and Replies. Contributing Members can browse and place, or drag and drop, multiple photos...from their computers, tablets and smart phones. (This Board is completely mobile friendly without the need for an outsourced app.) This Group can also attach URL/s Photos from photohost sites like Photobucket etc. All posted photos are hi res and sized to Board specifications. 



A Swap & Trade classified ad Forum and an Upland Artisans Forum to be utilized by the Contributing Member Group but can be seen by all Member groups and Visitors to the Board. There is no longer any time limit to edit ads/Posts and they are now left open rather than locked.



There is more extra functionality enabled for the Cntributing Member Group, and once the new Board is fully populated and developed I will detail those out.


UJ Grouse or Woodcock Decals are available upon request from Contributing Members.


The HARD Sell: This advanced new Board has a monthly cost for Cloud Hosting and Data associated with it. Support from members has never been more important given the large amount of content that was converted/migrated successfully from old Board. Support from Members also helps to keep the BB from becoming too commercial with loads of flashing ads like other sites/BB's, and that the UJ BB remains predominantly public not private. And lastly I spend considerable time administrating and moderating this largely public/open board. Certainly a year of support is worth the cost of a large cheese pizza w/a couple toppings. I honestly appreciate it.


Online UJ Donation page is here:

UJ Subscription/Donation page


For those who prefer checks/snail mail:


Brad Eden

P.O. Box 172

Frankfort, ME 04438


The general UJ "Game Plan" can be found here:


"UJ Business Plan Topic"


The Administrator/Moderator reserves the right to reject or cancel Contributing Member status and remove capabilities at his/her discretion.


Thanks for considering becoming a Contributing Member of the board.

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