I have never owned a Trail Cam. A friend lent me one way back in the dark ages when they first came out and outside of a photos of nothing but falling leaves and an occasional butt end of a deer they were pretty much worthless. I finally broke down and bought a Cuddeback Ambush RI today. I've been looking at a load of cameras and reading reviews over the years and couldn't resist a price of $129.99 at Dicks on this one. Nothing fancy, but very compact and apparently easy to use. After this next snowstorm passes and settles tonight and tomorrow Ill set it up. Just behind our house there is a stream that feeds into the lake just down the way. I can see it through the trees from the back kitchen window. It's frozen now and the last time I went back there the snow covered stream bed is apparently a highway for what looks like coyotes and fox. The resident deer are yarded up elsewhere but will start making their rounds come spring and summer as well as wild turkey. If I get any interesting photos on camera, Ill post them.