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      To the Guests who have decided to register for Membership. PLEASE add more info than just  "hunting" or "Upland hunting" or "birds" or "outdoors" or similar nebulous terms in the required INTERESTS field. Despite this Boards strong spam filtering it is not bullet proof, so Spam registrations do sneak through. I need an inkling that you are a warm blooded human being not a Spam Bot tagging onto key words. Thank you.
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Brad Eden

Check out Upland Pantry/recipes

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Brad Eden

I added a new section called Upland Pantry where I've started to organize recipes into categories etc. When I have time I'm planning on deleting repeat recipes from this Forum and continue to add new ones to Upland Pantry.

To view Upland Pantry click link below.

Upland Pantry/Recipes

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