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Bird Buster

Opinions on switching from Chevy Tahoe to Suburban

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mister grouse

In last 40 years I have owned four suburbs and three tahoes. Usually I have had a tahoe and a suburban at the same time.  Currently I have a 95 suburban bird hunting and fly fishing vehicle in the west, kept by a friend who drives it periodically (fly out and he leaves it at the airport for me and picks it up there after I leave) bought it used for $3500 ten years ago and it is still clicking 100,000 miles later; at home I have a 05 Tahoe and a 04 Suburban, both used at acquisition.  Yeah l like these things a lot.   Can haul a lot of dogs, bullets, and kids, grandkids and dead turkeys in these things.

None of my vehicles are in the eco friendly high MPG camp.  Ive heard of incredibly good MPG in the new models, especially the current year models.

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