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What age to spay?

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On 12/27/2016 at 10:25 PM, Brookieslayer said:

After going through 2 CCL tears in my male Weim, I have made a decision not to spay our young female. This was after a long consultaion with our vet and the orho that did the TPLO's on our male. The ortho surgeon made some valid points. In fact the recommended age to neuter at in our clinic here has been moved to 2 years base on the issues our boy went through and consultations with our vet clinic and the University hospital the ortho worked at.


Hormones keep growth plates in check and keep quad muscles growing faster in males. Dogs were born with 'em for a reason!


Some people even do a "clip" and leave the gonads in place.... some also do a uterus removal and keep the ovaries... interesting alternative...




Ovary sparing surgery..




Vets performing the procedure.





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