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Brad Eden

Hey Brad, where is the Members List?

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Brad Eden

Occasionally someone will ask me where the complete UJ Members list is. Typically they want to see another Members Profile to Message them, see their activity etc.


This Board requires a third party Plug In to provide a Members List similar to the old Board. I refuse to use Plug Ins because they can create problems upon any Upgrades to the software. I stay "native" with this software.


BUT, there is a built in Member List function. There are a few steps.


  • Click Search on upper right.
  • Choose Advanced Search in drop down on left.
  • Click Member Search at right, at top of field.
  • Choose what Member Groups you want to Search
  • Click Search Members.

There you go, a complete Member list in alphabetical order. You can click on any Member and go to their Profile.


ALSO...if you know the Members exact User Name you are looking for you can:


  • Click Search on upper right
  • Choose Members in drop down menu in left.
  • Type in Members exact User Name on right in Search field.
  • Click Search/icon.

The Member you are looking for will appear.


Naturally you can click on any Members User Name or Avatar you see on Board and go to their Profile. 



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