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Kemo Sabe

Kerry Luft lights up the US FITASC Gran Prix

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Congrats on the big win!


Few people realize  what an accomplishment it is to shoot well over 3 or 4 days at a Large FITASC shoot!


Traveling, unfamiliar terrain, varying style of target setters, big crowds, big kid targets and really good shooters all combine to create a daunting task to finish in the top 30% of Master class or AA!


If a person only shoots their local club and is a mid 80's to low 90's shooter. This person is in for an eye opening experience and a slice of humble pie if they expect to walk in and throw up a big score.


I have been shooting since '93 and have a little over 80,000 registered target.  I mostly shoot local stuff and a couple of big shoots a year for shooting vacations... I have shot myself into and out of master class 4 times but I have never shot to your level but I have shot enough to appreciate what it would take to get there.







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Thank you sir

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