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mister grouse

National Quail Symposium . Aka Quail 8

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mister grouse



Hosted by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the University of Tennessee, the NBTC – whose members represent 25 state wildlife agencies, quail research institutions and private conservation groups – will conduct its meeting July 25-26 at the Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown. On July 27-28, Quail 8, a national quail symposium conducted every five years, will follow at the same location and encompass research reports from around the country on various aspects of multiple species of quail.


The information further states that the  quail initiative is the largest single game bird project ever undertaken.  Registration is apparently still open.  


Anyone attending? 

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I've checked out the agenda and it looks very good. I notice that Dr Fidel Hernandez from the Kleburg Quail research program ( https://www.ckwri.tamuk.edu/ ) in south Texas and

Dr Hibbert from the RPQRR in north Texas are presenting papers. Those guys are very good. I really don't know much about else except the Tall Timbers guy, who is also really good.


 The Kleburgs (the Kleburgs own the King Ranch) have put good $$ into the research center and it is doing good things. I frequently post items from Dr Dale Rollins of the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in North Texas. he is "dah man" on quail in north and west Texas. So these are 2 very knowledgeable guys. 


Aside from Texas, which so far as I know spends no real $$ on quail, some of the state agencies are producing more quail habitat and more quail.

I know Mississippi has done some good things on some of their WMAs; I talked to a coupla their quail bios last year. And a deer hunting pal has reported seeing good coveys on some of those WMAs.


Should be very interesting.

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