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      2018 UJ SUMMER AUCTION   06/23/2018

      It's time....to start thinking about and preparing for the 2018 UJ SUMMER AUCTION. This Auction has become a UJ Tradition, with loads of great gear donated by our Ad Sponsors and Membership. Items range from Upland vests...Birddog gear...hunting and fishing trips...silver engraved money clips...custom knives, to great food products. I will be starting to contact Upland Ad Sponsors and Members, and will start the dedicated Auction Forum soon. I will include links to past Auctions so Members get an idea of what's typically available to bid on, and to see if they have anything they would like to offer for bidding. Stay tuned!
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2017 ANF Gathering

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I sure didn't expect it to be this severe either. 


We can't be completely certain that the thorn caused the infection but I did pull one out of that same foot late Friday. It was about 1.25" long and was imbedded about half way. We first noticed the limp late Saturday morning. When the e-vet said it looked like a bacteria entered through a very small puncture it all started to come together. 


Jeff, I probably won't be allowed to bring her back in October but that hasn't stopped me yet. We'll plan to see you then!


I'm certain it was Friday when I pulled the thorn out and it was not broken off. I can only hope a sliver didn't come off. The vet didn't remove any foreign object, just fluid, puss and dead tissue. 


Thanks for for all the thoughts and support. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress. 

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