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Flushing Whip

Photos of Irish Setters from Ireland

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I agree . Haven't seen such beautiful Irish Setters in many years .

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Seems that I live for these arm-chair tours on UJ.  Thanks for taking us!  Your explanations and photos are first-rate!

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Flushing Whip

Thank you all for looking at the dogs and listening to our tale. They are indeed, fine companions if you hunt, great competitors if you trial and most of all, eager to play whatever your game-- and win. I had my "once in a lifetime" dog, Finn McCool and he was an exceptional hunter. He loved working pheasants and had a prey drive with no tomorrow. If she pointed a bird and I missed my shot-- he'd watch the bird go, turn and tell me what (in no uncertain terms) before taking off after that pheasant. Almost every time he'd bring it back. I'm not sure how he could stand me but he was pretty much guaranteed to bring home dinner. 

Finn in the field on point


Here he is with dinner. I'd love to say I shot this bird but in THIS case-- he tracked it down and did the job himself


Finally, just a shot of us talking. I probably apologized for my ineptness. After I had shingles I had to give up hunting. My hand, sometimes has a "mind of it's own" and I didn't want to kill my dog or husband.


Again-- thanks for looking.

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