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"On The Way"

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Aye Mates,

Those o' us blessed with owning and hunting o'er fine gun dogs are truly blessed.  I am doubly blessed in that I get to train and shape retrievers from outstanding bloodlines into well honed teams along with their owners / handlers.  Surely many o' the folks on this forum recognize that the training o' any competent gun dog is truly a journey, a quest for greatness in what starts as a wee bundle o' fur and results in a joyful partnership betwixt man and dog.  Such unconditional bonds are a rare thing in this world and t'is me honor to help in the forging o' them.



Owner / handler Bill and his retriever pup Miss ALLIE MAE spent the morning training with me yesterday.  T'is clear that this wee pup is on the way to gun dog greatness as is evidenced by the connection already shared by herself and Bill.



To date, our training of wee ALLIE has consisted of laying down a foundational level of basic obedience training and introduction to birds, decoys, calls, water, gunfire conditioning, socialization to other dogs and people, crate training, and travel in vehicles, all being aspects of what will be her way o' life as a gun dog.  ALLIE welcomes each and every moment of training with the work ethic one might expect from a pup of fine breeding though surprisingly with a highly precocious prowess for a pup of just 4 months of age.  ALLIE stayed the course toward gun dog grandeur yesterday morning in doing her first water retrieves of a bumper.


ALLIE and Bill have only been training with me for one month as of 9/1/17 and the transformation of this young pup and her owner Bill as a team has been tremendous.  Grand things to come for this pair and a true joy brought to the heart o' the old Dog Whistler.  


Enjoy every moment o' the journey with ye own gun dogs.


Slan go foill Mates,




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