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"Pre-Season Tune Up"

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Aye Mates,

Heading out for Long Island this morn for a two day HRC Upland Hunt Test Quad (four test and potentially an HRC Upland Hunter title in one weekend) with me gun dog TRAD.   A nice ferry ride o'er out o' New London will give me a chance to scout waterfowl on the Sound heading o'er.  Two quality days spent we me Lab letting him "hunt" on pheasant or chukars in a pre-season tune up, and meeting with a number o' me retriever enthusiast Mates from the New England, NY and NJ region with a tailgate tomorrow evening to boot.  Should be a fun weekend.  I'll post an update upon return.  Enjoy quality time spent with ye gun dogs Mates.



HR TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD SH -  Call name "TRAD"  with a New Brunswick Grouse.




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