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Crostini Di Beccaccia or Woodcock on Toast

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As the Woodcock or as they are known in Italy "Beccaccia" season has just or is now open, I thought this was appropriate.  I've used the recipe and have had multiple requests from those that have eaten it.  Bon Apetit!


Woodcock Crostini Recipe - Crostini Di Beccaccia

from about.com Italian foods

Woodcock are very difficult to find today, so this is something of a historical curiosity. However, Aldo Santini says that if your favorite restaurateur calls to tell you he's come across some and is making woodcock crostini, you should drop everything -- business, family or lover -- and run. "They're well worth an argument."

This is Artusi's recipe, which closely matches the recipe in Salani's Il Re dei Cuochi (Anonymously published in 1885).

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 60 minutesIngredients:


Clean the woodcocks, removing the internal organs and discarding just the part of the large intestine that's attached to the anus. Add the gizzards, without emptying them, a few leaves of parsley, and the meat from two anchovies for every three interiors. Salt will not be necessary. Mince everything finely and set the mixture to cook on the fire with a dollop of butter and a dash of pepper, sprinkling it with broth.

Spread this mixture on barely toasted, elegantly cut slices of bread, and serve the crostini with the woodcocks, which you will have seasoned with a few leaves of sage, wrapped in thin strips of lace fat, and roasted.

Note: Salani suggests you open the gizzards to make certain they "contain nothing noxious." If you are not using very fresh birds, you should probably discard the contents.

A wine? A rose, for example Carmignano's Vin Ruspo, or a ligAperitif!


I have no idea what "Lace Fat" is but can attest to the fact that Bacon is a fine substitute.

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