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Starting a retreiver from scratch - recommendations wanted

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Rick Hall

My last Toller which is now 3 I promised someone I would try the British training method on and did. Using the Clicker Trained Retrieve. Easy enough. Until a pheasant spured him. Same as my last Toller although he was a lot older when it happened. It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt and then the British method fails IME.


I can put him on dead birds all day long. Throw dead ducks no problem. But let the bird have even a little bit of twitch of life in him and the dog is going to make sure that bird is dead. Put him back into clicker training with bumpers no problem. Dead birds no problem. Let the bird twitch... Houston we have a problem.


That is what Force Fetch takes care of.


While I'm glad FF turned that trick in your case, the marsh is chock-a-block with professionally FFed canine "alligators".   Only some of which are inspired to chomp by struggling game, while others have become such in response to the pressures FF is intended to teach them to deal with.  Indeed, my first exposure to that use of "alligator" was in a hunt test gallery watching a high dollar QQA trial wash-out chomp a bird all the way in.  (Certain I've mentioned above that my first Chessie once failed a Finished test for not wanting to pick up a nearly naked pigeon he'd marked and initially "stepped on" and searching high and low for the fresh bird he was certain I wanted.  And I think it a wonderful irony that that particular "alligator's" owner was judging that day and informed me that I needed to FF my dog.)


Anyway, I think it a very good thing that you've suggested experienced help with FF and enjoyed the videos.

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