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Three mallard morning

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6 hours ago, ruffed1 said:

Looks like a good shoot!  I'm anxiously awaiting the NJ coastal season to open.

Being located on the RI/MA border I have a lot of options and an extended season bouncing between RI (one zone), MA Central & MA Coastal.

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Time on the water with a shotgun and a good dog...SWEET!

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Kemo Sabe

This duck season has been nothing short of terrific.


My new year old Lab Penny has come into her own, and is doing a great job. Took her and the dog trainer out yesterday, and we got 2 Bull sprig, 2 Greenheads, 1 Teal-Duck, and 9 widgeon. Hunted alone last Saturday, and got 1 Bull Sprig, 2 Greenheads, 2 widgeon, and 2 Teal-Ducks. 


Hunted ducks  7 times so far this season, and the new pup has made for great times. We've taken a lot of ducks, and have formed a great bond enjoying each others company. 


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