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Another VA report....no grouse

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1 minute ago, ANF grousin said:



This one?





I like laurel cover, some is good, some not so good.  That laurel should hold birds, protection from avian predators along with mast crop on the floor.  I'm headed out shortly and will be hitting a couple laurel covers.  One is well known around my house, everyone sees grouse out on the road picking up grit, yet no one hunts it since its considered to hard to hunt and kill birds in it.  

Yea that's her...freakin poser! Although she didn't point that grouse, she found it after I had shot it and I would have never looked where she found it. No doubt in my mind I would have lost that bird without her. She did point it the second time she found it...


And I think I know the covers your headed to. If I remember they are old burns. I'd give my left nut to be walking out of this cubicle to go hunt right meow...even in these birdless mtns of VA :)


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