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How much burger?

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I usually do the canning in the evening so I let it set all night, and don't open the cooker until morning.  Room temp would work too, or hotter if you have some pot holders handy.  Just don't open that thing until the pressure is down to zero.


Thanks on the kitchen.  I've been working on that thing for several years now and nearly done, just need to install the range hood now.  


Salt and pepper is optional.  You can put nothing or anything in there.  I have put onion and garlic in but I don't really like it that way too much.  


If you can 24 deer you wouldn't need dogfood.  

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i think it would be a better food for my dogs than kibble


24 deer wouldn’t be hard to kill around my place, the limits twelve and there’s a reason for that

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Speaking of dogs and deer, I've been giving mine the leg bones as treats. Does anyone else do that, and are there any dangers in it, like chicken bones?  


I typically wait until a nice day. Each of the three likes to take their bone to their corner of the Fromt yard and lay in the warm sun and gnaw on it all day. The bigger bones will keep them occupied 2-3 days gnawing the marrow out of ever decreasing pieces. 

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On 12/18/2017 at 4:06 AM, bobman said:

wow that’s simple enough I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. One question when you allow the water to cool do you mean to room temperature or can you just remove the jars and start another batch and let the jars cool on a towel on your counter.


As an aside you have a beautiful kitchen All that counter space is very nice.


Is the salt and pepper mandatory, I also want to can venison for my dogs.


We can kill 24 deer between the wife and I.


Holy venison, Batman! That is a sh!tload of venison. I guess your state ha way too many deer (and not enough quail).

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