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Targets with a field gun?

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2 hours ago, charlo slim said:


Thanks for the response, HS, and I totally agree -- to each his or her own on such matters.  I'd personally be astonished to see a slow lead load open quicker than a significantly faster  one, all else being equal, but have never done any serious patterning to test my expectations.  Re - your comment about switching back and forth between relatively fast steel and slow lead, I just stay with steel in the 1300-1350 fps range and simply shift shot size (#7 -  #1) depending on game - bobwhites to large western Canada's.  Works very well for me. YMMV.



C. Slim:


Yea, I keep thinking that fps thing is backwards......  as we know speed can blow a load.  I think this may have been something related to muzzle loading and early paper shells.  Hell, I am getting old I guess. I am thinking this also may have had to do with non wad loads and different choke/no choke barrels......  I am talking at the point when we went to choke.....  I think....  LOL


I dont shoot steel basically at all (save for limited waterfowl) in any of my good guns.  If its waterfowl I am shooting a Rem 1100 LW 3" 20.  I do have a stash of Paper Kent 2.5" #4's in TM that have been brought to bear in my 12 ga Armstrong for ducks and some pheasant on non tox lands.

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On 12/8/2017 at 7:29 AM, terrym said:

I am only a casual sporting clays shooter. Try and get out on Thursday nights in the summer mostly to tune for hunting. I use a 12g O/U but am thinking I should just use what I carry in the field. 90% of the time that would be my 20ga Citori Feather Lightning. Not what anybody would think of as a "sporting" gun. 

So, how many here use thier favourite field gun as opposed to a specific 8lb 30" clay buster? I have no intention or spare time at this stage of my life to get seriously into SC. Someday maybe but not right now. 

Same here, casual and adding infrequent.  For skeet I use my 20 ga citori lightning weighing about 6.5 lbs and for sporting clay's or trap an 11-87 SP.  The 11-87 weighs a svelte 8 1/8 pounds.  Just received this month's Shooting Sportsman with a review of what looks like an all-around clay's gun for all the different games, a Fausti coming in at 8 lbs in 12 around $5k.  Looks pretty nice to me!  

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Kemo Sabe

I shoot an 8.5 pound target gun, and 6.8 to 8 pound guns for upland birds and ducks. I don't have any trouble  switching  from one to the other within their specific guidelines (dedication)of use because they all have been custom fitted. My real weapon is my eyes, and using them correcly. I mean, a golfer swings different clubs that weigh differently without too much of an  issue, as long as he uses them for what they were intended.


I do get screwed up a bit with radical changes in velocity of my shells, however. I try and keep everything around 1300 fps -- for both hunting and clays. For non-toxic loads, I can get HeviShot at 1300 fps. When using steel, I try not to go more than 1400 fps, otherwise I need a period of adjustment. 


For me, it's a matter of taking advantage of  guns made for specific purposes. And yes, I do shoot my game and duck guns at clays. Not as good as my dedicated target gun, but I can hold my own with them. Especially hunters clays. 

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