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Here come the snowy owls

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On 12/22/2017 at 10:59 PM, drummer's stump said:

The goshawk is the real grouse killer. Even though they hunt grouse, I do love them, when I am working in the spring and early summer I like to watch pairs courting. Some of my co-workers don't find them as entertaining as I do. There is a very large female that hangs around my work camp, once I saw her fly off with a mature hare like it was nothing. If she hit you, you would know it. 

Had a goshawk in one of my sugar maples 2 hours ago when I got home. Very cool birds.

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Larry Brown

A lot of them around in the Midwest right now.  An airport in central WI reported a snowy owl strike with a plane.  As noted, they hang around open ground that's like their habitat up north.  The airport shot one.  Then Audubon people showed up and netted a couple.   The story is the lemming population has crashed, so they've moved south to find food.  It's my understanding they will take snowshoe hares too.  Perhaps more of a threat to the woods bunnies than to grouse.

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