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Greg Hartman

GIF Question

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Greg Hartman

My little Sony RX100V can shoot at 24 fps on high-speed burst mode - creates an almost movie-like sequence of still images..  Young Ms. Joy is an incredible canine athlete, constantly soaring over picker jungles and other obstacles in the field.  Put those two things together and you have the makin's of some pretty cool GIF's.


BUT, I've discovered that anything more than a very basic GIF consisting of only a few frames exceeds UJ's 6.8 MB upload limit.  This isn't a problem with my regular pics because I "host" nearly all of them on Flickr and then just insert a link to get them to appear on UJ without consuming UJ bandwidth/storage.


Does anyone know how to "host" a GIF and then have it appear on UJ by inserting a link?


Thanks in advance.

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23 minutes ago, dgfavor said:





Ever heard of video? :D  xD



G/bay didn’t look very tough last night. 😆

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