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Brock A

Anyone hunt Mule Deer?

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On 2/21/2018 at 5:09 PM, Birdcountry70 said:

This buck was killed by my BIL( now ex-BIL)when I was 13 and he was probably 20.  It has always been a goal of mine to kill a comparable buck but I have never been able to do it. I believe I have seen it's equal twice in my life but bucks like this don't turn up often and they dont make many mistakes.  Maybe someday,  I keep trying. 

2018-02-21 16.56.05.jpg


That is one fine buck. Just as you keep hoping to cross paths with one that nice, I keep an A tag in my wallet, just in case.

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I do love to hunt mule deer. The best I have taken was 31-1/2" outside spread - in Modoc county, California.


The best areas for big bucks may be western Colorado or Eastern Idaho. Mexico produces some whopper desert mule deer, but that is an expensive hunt.

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I do hunt them. Unfortunately, this guy, who has spent the last couple of years a few blocks from my house never seems to leave town.


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Kansas Big Dog

I mule deer hunt in western Kansas. I have seen some really nice ones while bird hunting, but never see them during the season.


I do spot and stalk hunting. This is the nicest muley I have killed. I saw him go into a cedar shelter belt and lay down. Stalked down and jumped him up.




This is the nicest one I have a picture of, I have seen a few nicer.




I hunted this guy down in SW KS a few years back. I saw him 2 times bird hunting but never saw him deer hunting. He had massive rack, like 4x4 coming out of his head.




I call this guy the bizzaro rack. He had crap coming out everywhere. I was driving out to go bird hunting and he and another buck and some does crossed the road in front of me.




I did not have permission to hunt the land where the bizzaro and the other buck, which looked to have a lot of mass, had crossed. I drove back to the ranchers house and got permission. By the time I spotted them again, they had moved a mile or so. I did not spot the bizzaro so I shot the other buck. When I walked up on the buck it freaked me out. It was still in full velvet and the was the second week of December. I have this guy mounted.




I hunted this group of muleys for a couple weeks trying to figure out how to sneak in on them. Too many eyes. The buck that is sneaking off to the left was probably the nicest KS mule buck I have seen. He had a massive 5x5 rack with a couple kickers.




You see a few of these 3 year olds. But there is a lot of pressure and many don't make it.



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