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      To the Guests who have decided to register for Membership. PLEASE add more info than just  "hunting" or "Upland hunting" or "birds" or "outdoors" or similar nebulous terms in the required INTERESTS field. Despite this Boards strong spam filtering it is not bullet proof, so Spam registrations do sneak through. I need an inkling that you are a warm blooded human being not a Spam Bot tagging onto key words. Thank you.

Belichek to interview for Lions Head Coach

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GB Jack

I’ve come to the conclusion of a few things , I won 759.00 on takng the jags plus points. The pats still get insnane calls that change the outcome of the game, and that I was flat out wrong about the Vikings. Football paid for my bachelors degree , and beyond, but i officially  don’t know anything about this game called football.

holy cow 

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