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2 hours ago, Mike Connally said:

My smallest setter, Becky, has been lethargic for a while. Wouldn’t eat. Just got the report back from the vet’s office. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. 

Four weeks of Doxy. 


 Damn ticks; I hate ticks !!!!

 Best of luck, she'll come out alright with the antibiotics.

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On 1/12/2018 at 5:19 PM, tut said:


They told me they needed to give Doxy in the first 24 hours after a bite.  After that it was not effective in treating potential problems.  Beats me.  All I know is everything soup to nuts cost me $19 (good insurance).  Worth it to me. 


PS.  I've pulled off lots of ticks over the years.  Considering this one was probably inbedded for 10 hours I was shocked how inflamed the area was.  Looked like the flesh was rotting away around the bite.  "Rotting and flesh" is never a sentence that should be used on a person, especially when that person is me.  :). 


PS.  Damn ticks. 

All they experts say it will work later on man or dog along with other drugs. 

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Don Steese
On 1/12/2018 at 2:11 PM, Brad Eden said:

I got beat up pretty good for a lackadaisical attitude about ticks earlier...so don't go there any more. 


C'mon Brad....can't I take just a couple swings???

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Don Steese

I am absolutely astounded at how well treating your clothing with permethrin works. I almost don't worry about ticks anymore. Mabel gets the Seresto collar and the spray from Tractor supply. I found a total of ONE on her this year after her first outing in PA when I forgot to spray her and she had a dozen crawling on her! 

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