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Electric or Internal Combustion

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8 hours ago, caleb said:


In June, my wife and I are going to cut down to one car since with a job change neither of us are going to drive to work on a regular basis. 


Hopefully our old Toyota goes a few more years so that electric technology can mature a bit more before our next car since we'll almost certainly get something that's a hybrid, if not a plug-in.  


I'm going to be curious to see what Volvo does in their SUVs as they transition to electric.  Something like an XC90 that's mostly electric but has a miniature gas engine for backup would be attractive.


As for power generation, we'll probably go to a rooftop solar array soon.  In Minnesota, the breakeven point on the panels is seven and a half years on average, while the life of the panels is about 35 years.


It wouldn't surprise me though if the concept of owning a car individually disappears in metro areas in our lifetimes.  Uber and Lyft are already convenient and cheap in cities.  I expect car shares will continue to grow.  Transit is generally getting better, and cities are getting more dense.  I already know people going from two cars down to one, as we will soon.  It's a bigger jump to go from one car to no car, but changes are happening quickly.

Good for you. 


My plan is to keep my Forester for as long as practically possible, but to attempt to drive it less and less and less. This will in turn allow me to keep it for even longer. It will take me many of the places my Tacoma used to, has yielded 35mpg on trips, and is quiet, comfortable, and incredible in the snow. I envision the future in which owning a car is a luxury rather than a necessity, and I will have it ready to camp and fish and hunt but not drive it much day to day. 


I also realize this isn't practical for most people in most places......yet. 



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On 4/8/2018 at 1:11 PM, 67diesel said:

Dogrunner, we allow 80 ton trucks, every other state is 40 ton.  That is a relic of Soapy Williams back in the 50s regarding steel haulers.  Combined with copious road salt (doesn't PA use sand?) and our roads are the worst.  I agree with you there.


Count me in with salmontogue and oak stob on the warmening debate.  I already unintentionally annoyed Brad last week, don't need it a 2nd time.

Yeah I have heard that too. All the states connected to us use the same salt but at the state line there roads are night and day difference than ours.  I also don’t see any rigs dropping half there load on the side of the road because they were too heavy when leaving the area but the roads are no comparison.   Oh and there weather is the same as ours or worse.  


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Zoli 16ga.

check this out. over 800ft pounds....at the wheels!


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Zoli 16ga.


all the Bose guys needs to do is add a growling muffler sound tract when it accelerates.



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