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The Woodcock dance

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1 hour ago, NW River Mac said:


The second date I had with my wife was behind an old farm watching this crazy ritual.  I guess it did the trick... 


Did you try to re-enact it for her?? I guess the corkscrew flight would have been tough so maybe not.


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On 4/3/2018 at 5:49 PM, RuffChaser said:


I don't think they'll know enough to do that. Migration is like a compulsion. For their sake I hope they could fight it and fly back South but I don't think most can fight the urge to stay once they get here. From what the biologist I know believe they feel it is males looking to establish territories that get back first. I hate to see any of them die especially like this but I fear the worst for them. If the biologists are right and they are males it's not as bad for the population. It's a bad deal for any living thing to go that way but they've been doing this for a long time so it won;t be the first or last time it happens.

 My guess this spring alot of migrate birds where in for surprise  this spring still seeing a few goldfinch  passing by our bird feeders have 3 pair of Blue birds already on nest a phoebe on the fan on the porch. Have heard  WOODCock last 2 mornings Turkey hunting could be residents or transients but its been a cold windy now weT Spring for sure in my neck of the woods for sure. Garden veggies will be behind  too ref cold nights. But have called up and killed 2 fat tom turkeys this spring just hope rains quit for awhile be some young turks hatched soon.

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