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Virgil Kane

In the theme of baseball

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Virgil Kane

Not wanting to go off topic in the baseball threads I just wanted to say this.  Those that watch baseball see some of the strangest things during a game.  Last night I was watching the Astro's /White Sox game when pitcher Danny Farquhar collapsed in the dugout between innings after coming in for relief pitching and was rushed to a hospital.  Turns out that Farquhar had a ruptured brain aneurysm that rendered him uncoucious . 

You can read about it here. Farquhar remains in critical condition.




Farquhar is lucky that he had this happen with trained health professionals in the dugout when he collapsed.  Had he been in a hotel room on the road or at home during the off season he probably would have been found dead the next day.

Prayers for Danny and his family.



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