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Questions For Owners Of The Orvis Waxed Cotton Strap Vest

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Hi all, I'm looing at this waxed cotton strap vest made by Orvis:




I do have a couple questions, so here goes


1)  Are those storage compartments on the shell pouches, if so how roomy are they?


2)  Are the equipment loops on the shoulder straps tough enough to hold a Alpha 100?


3)  For sizing, does the vest run big or small?


4)  How assessable is the game bag?


5)  What other storage compartments are on the vest?


Any comments on the vest welcome, good, bad, pro and con.


Thanks all!






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I've got one...


1. The shell pouches have the larger pocket in the rear and a snap-closure pocket on the front. Roomy enough - I usually store snacks and my phone in one two short dog leads in the other. 


2. Has been so far. I use the belt/holster clip that came with the Alpha 100, leave it attached to the loop, and snap it off the clip to look at pretty often during the day. No issues for me. I do tether the unit to the vest strap with some paracord because that's an expensive mistake, losing it in the brush. I have never had it come unclipped, but I'm glad for the peace of mind.


3. Runs a bit big. I bought the larger of the two sizes and I'm a pretty big guy, usually L/XL in Orvis, which runs a bit generous usually. I have way more than enough room, even with my bulkiest layers on, and with a light vest or just a shirt on, I keep it cinched as tight as it goes and I've got plenty of room. I wear a 46L. 


4. Big enough? I keep a couple of liters of water, sometimes an extra layer, and with that load, you could fit 10 quail easy, 3-4 phez. 


5. There's a little mesh zippered backpack deal on the outside of the game bag. Inaccessible and forgettable, which is why it is perfect for my large leatherman and a first aid and emergency kit and a little solar phone charger which all live in there for emergencies and never leave. There's also two water bottle dividers in the game bag. I use them sometimes, but not all the time - depends how many water bottles I'm carrying - if just one, it goes in the bottom to even the load distribution. Each one will fit a large size Nalgene or a 1.5L Deer Park just fine, though. Or a chukkar and a can of Chef-Boyardee. Also has shell loops inside the front orange-flapped pockets. 



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Thanks so much for the info, just what I wanted to know.  I did order one, but your answers sure do put me mind at ease.


Thanks again!



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