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Marc Ret

Bushings to Bearings

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Marc Ret

While getting my lawn tractor prepped for the season a few weeks ago, I realized I needed new wheel bushings (and a left hand spindle assembly).  I was looking on eBay for a set when I came across these Conversion Bearings for my Husqvarna. The cost was a couple dollars more than the bushings but I liked the idea of the spindle running on a bearing rather than relying solely on grease to minimize the metal to metal contact of a bushing. Easy enough to swap out- punch and a hammer to knock out the old bushing; wood block and a hammer to tap in the new bearing. Finally had a chance to put them to use this morning. After only a single cutting with them in, I'd say they're an improvement. Time will tell how they hold up. 


Just thought making their availability known might be of use to others. They are made for other brands like JD as well. 

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