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On the fence...any thoughts???

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Never Turkey hunted before but the last 10 years the local population has become a PIA (my now deceased settlers chased flocka of 20 or more routinely out of the backyard into the woods)...we back onto undeveloped city woods and my town allows shotgun for deer so I assume Turkey as well.


I have zero Turkey skills but do have a Turkey choke for my A400 (bought years ago on a whim)...yesterday this Tom (assume he's a Tom given even sized fan feathers?) was strutted the neighbors property...is it worth a shot (pun intended)???




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If so...what would be my next steps? ?Assume I need something to call him in qith... would at up somewhere in the woods well back from the houses...other direction from house is swamp/tidal stream then more woods...probably close to 2 miles to houses in that direction.




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Brad Eden

Yes, looks like mature Tom, can't see the beard but can see spurs.


ClifNotes version.


buy some 3" turkey loads, preferably 5's


shoot at a paper pie plate at 25-30 yards to see pattern 


buy a box call


dress in drab or camo clothing


go out before sunrise to where you think turkeys are roosting


wait until you hear a turkey gobble on the roost


find a tree to sit against


make a few scratchy yelp sounds on the box call


put the box call down if he responds


get shotgun up on your knee in the direction the bird is coming


sit still and don't move


wait and shoot the Gobbler in the head not the body when he is within 30 yards


post a photo on UJ


Note: the Turkey Tips sub-forum with great Help Topics by the late OLDBIRDDOGMAN



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What Brad wrote would work too. A neighbor put corn in his garage and shut the door with the remote when the turkeys came in. Not that I would even consider it.  O.o

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