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Subaru Outback Maintenance

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john mcg

We are on our second Outback Wagon. My wife loves them and I'm happy because of the safety rating.

It was a great choice for a southern girl living in snowy NH and remains a good choice.

I've used it for hunting and it is roomy enough for two mutts and gear.

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I did the brake fluid on my 2012 when they wanted to do it. I had never heard of doing that before but this was my first Subaru so I said what the hell. 

The car has been pretty good and now has 148,000 miles on it. I have not done tranny or other like fluids as they are sealed like you say. 

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Is the failing paint on these vehicles dark metallic blue?  Look around any parking lot and note how many vehicles of this color have the clear coat failing. The paint was gone to the point of surface rust starting on the roof of the otherwise great 06 Corolla I picked up this spring. Fortunately I know a good paint guy who owed me a favor. The paint was perfect on my daughters rose colored 05 Corolla, until it was destroyed in the crash. Same car, same environment. I don't know what it is about dark blue, but it fails far more often than other colors, especially on Japanese vehicles. 

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