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Are bark collars cruel?

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Natty Bumpo
On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 11:43 AM, oak stob said:




Bark collars or limiters make for good citizens.....in a motel parking lot at 2AM, for example.




No, they are not cruel.  They are simply one of many devices in the dog training toolbox.


Or when you pull up next to a great piece of CRP in South Dakota right at the Golden Hour. And "Mr Yappy" takes offense at being left in the truck. Check out the latest BC from Dogtra; absolutely state of the art.

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NW River Mac

Would you rather have the dog as a source of aggravation and pain or enjoy him?  Use a bark collar.  The dog will eventually sense your dislike if the barks grind on you.  

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Dave in Maine
On 7/26/2018 at 1:35 PM, Mundo said:

some collars go off if the dog in the same kennel as they are barks. Get a quality bark collar and use it till the dog learns to keep quiet.  Having a an unsocialized, ill mannered dog is what is cruel.  Don't bother with squirt collars and collars that shoot scent.  They rarely work. 

Baking is not necessarily a result of lack of work, exercise or neglect.

Disagree on the "don't work".  Some neighbors up the street have a very active, very vocal ridgeback-mutt who didn't get enough exercise and was therefore a bigtime barker.  Appropritately named "Lulu".  They got one of the collars that squirt citronella (apparently a scent offensive to dogs).  The dog is still a barker, but has figured out where the threshold is for setting the thing off.  She keeps her voice below that level.  This seems tolerable to the owners, and the neighbors because Lulu still can tell her people when someone's coming or whatever, but doesn't cause too much trouble.

It's a working compromise.

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