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Astro 220/DC40 issue

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My old trusty Astro220 is demonstrating an issue with my DC40 collar.  I typically run this unit with one dog wearing a DC40 and the other a DC30.  The issue seems to only be with the DC40 collar.

When the Astro 220 and the DC40 are within inches of each other it should read "near" and sometimes it does but a lot of the time it reads 15 yards even though the Astro and DC 40 are nearly touching.

The unit is also slower to make directional changes with the DC40 than with the DC30 and doesn't seem quite as accurate.  This is all relatively new behavior for old reliable so I'm wondering what's up?

Any suggestions of helpful hints would be appreciated.  I've had this unit at least 5 years and it's been great up til now.

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I don't think there have been any upgrades for years but you could check using Webupdater.  You can also try disconnecting and starting over by reinstalling the DC40. 


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