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Grain free dog food problems

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Brad Eden

Haven't read the article but saw a segment on TV about this. Some "Premium Dog Foods" with vegetables as main ingredients and mostly grain free are causing heart problems. 

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Hmmmnnn. Och. My GSP was having coat issues so I took him to the local vet. I thought he had some sorta mite or something. Nope, no bugs at all, change the dog food she said;  get one that has zero similar ingredients to the one you are now using. I did, and that was the answer: no grain, "no chicken by products". Its salmon, peas and sweet taters and he is doing fine.  Never heard of taurine, but salmon has it.

Gotta be careful though, I got one of those newfangled primitive dog foods and he threw every once of it up.


Most types of fish are also very good sources of taurine, especially cold-water varieties such as salmon, tuna and sardines. Most cold-water fish contain between 30 and 40 milligrams of taurine per ounce of raw flesh.

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Best natural source of Taurine is Sardines ---- other fish might be alright.

If you use a supplement, make sure the country of origin is either Japan or USA.

Avoid it if made in China.



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