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Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship

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Good luck to all.


Montana Open Shooting Dog Derby

judges: Glenn Conover and Alex Rickert


starts immediately following the conclusion of Natl Am Pheasant Shooting Dog Champ-out on course



1A Wendy PF Rice

1B Goods PF I/S Gelhaus


2A Tess PF Gelhaus

2B Spot PM Rice


3A Zach PM Gelhaus

3B Boll PM Williams


4A LO PM Rice

4B Jack PM Williams


5a Cash PM Gelhaus

5b Erins Ramblin On PM Gingrich


6a Zuke PM Gelhaus

6b Nealys Standing Ovation PM Neely

7a Wild N Free PF Turley

7b Whalin PM Rice


8a Storm PF Middleton

8b Maggie PF I/S Gelhaus


9a Rev PM Williams

9b Nealys Party Girl PF Neely


10a Nash PM Gelhaus

10b Willie PM Rice


11a Tom PM Heard

11b Nealys Autumn Affair PF Neely


12a Abby PF Gelhaus

12b Nealys Seal the Deal PM Neely




Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship

judges:  Jarry Walton and Bill Owen


starts immediately following the conclusion of derby-out on course


1a burrows trip my trigger Pm williams

1b c k touch down guy vm gingrich


2a somedays showman pm lutz

2b erins ramblin river pm gingrich


3a senahs gold shavings pm norman

3b ridge creek kate sf kinkelaar


4a ridge creek lou sm kinkelaar

4b seekin a thrill pm rice

5a zorra pf kinkelaar

5b prairie tank pm conover


6a rocky knoll peaches sf lockhart

6b american pharoah pm williams

7a ill have another sm williams

7b circle masquerade pf gelhaus


8a heard hills jaybird pm heard

8b gates road mike pm williams


9a thrill me pf i/s rice

9b northern prairie addition pf conover


10a touchs diamante pm turley

10b chelseas thunderbolt pm kinkelaar


11a emmalita pf i/s turley

11b burr oaks bam bam vf gingrich


12a grand prairie thrill pf i/s rice

12b gone with the wind pf williams


13a rocky knoll jackson sm lockhart

13b bangerts red barron vm gingrich


14a thunderbird comeback sm gelhaus

14b c k post route scout vm gingrich


15a line drive single pm gelhaus

15b gen n tonic live wire sf knoll


16a charitable deed pf i/s rice

16b up front southern star pf kinkelaar


17a touchs hailstone pm mciltrot

17b millers stray bullet pm norman


18a senahs pearl pf i/s norman

18b rocky knoll annie sf lockhart

19a lone tree show biz pm gelhaus

19b millers unfinished business pm norman


20a zumbro stinky pete pm gelhaus

20b rj’s de icer pm kinkelaar

21a bombs away pm rice

21b perkins lakeside wild child pf turley

22a daniels creek whithawk pm gelhaus

22b burr oaks taza vm gingrich

23a rebelita pf i/s turley

23b in swamis shadow pf kinkelaar


24a just thrill n pm rice

24b touchs katrina pf turley


25a ramblin river rolling stonr vm gingrich


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Congratulations to Austin Turley and Touch's Diamante for winning the Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship. Also, congrats to Tommy Rice and Charitable Deed for getting RU.




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Would those 2 be about 60# dogs? The runner up looks like she’s got a lot of leg. 

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Congrats guys.


Touch's Diamant'e (Sam) is like 46-48 lbs, but he is tough to beat on the ground.

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