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Garmin Customer Support 100% satisfied

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Two weeks ago on my trip from KY to WI I charged my 2 - TT15 collars & my Alpha 100 hand held using the 110 outlet on the dash of my F250.  I plugged them in & never paid any attention to them until I stopped for gas 4.5 hours later.  The collar batteries where warm & neither the collars or the handheld screen was illuminated.  I recognized that it was odd but paid little attention to it.  When I arrived at camp my handheld would not turn on & neither would the collars. I tried charging them with the wall outlet but they did not respond - just dead.   I googled for a solution & came back with nothing.  I hunted for the week using my back up collar set up & thankfully did not lose a dog in the Northwoods.  I called Garmin on Monday after I got back & after waiting for 45 min I got a call back from their customer service.  The young lady from Arizona took my serial numbers & offered me two options#1 I send my collars & controller in under warranty & she would next day me remanufactured ones as soon as my faulty ones were received or #2 for the price of just over $700 she would send me replacements out that day & credit me once she received my faulty equipment.  Since I was not in need of them the upcoming weekend I opted for #1.  I sent my faulty equipment back they received in KS on Thursday & my replacements were delivered today. cost to me was $15 shipping from KY to KS.  It sucked that something went wrong with my system (not sure if it is a ford or Garmin issue) but the CS representative at Garmin made it right. 


Note: Heading to KS on Friday & no I will not be charging my collar system in the truck...



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