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P&Y? Anyone?

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Virgil Kane
15 hours ago, C.J.L. said:

Still got the hair on your head? 



Yep but much shorter now and all grey. :D



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Cold Iron
On 4/19/2019 at 11:43 AM, OldSarge said:

I’ve been to the Pope and Young museum in SeaTac WA, run by Glenn St. Charles and seen the stuff he has on display there. Have a copy of a book about Ishi and another about how to build a self bow from Glenn. Got to know him pretty well while I was stationed out at Ft. Lewis. Sadly, I believe he has passed. Neat guy with lots of cool stories and “stuff”. Kind of off topic, I realize, but that’s about the extent of my P&Y knowledge. Never shot a rack buck big enough to qualify, however I do have a black bear that qualifies for the book at 18 15/16” skull. He’s a 6 footer and just over 400lbs. I would go to a meeting if it were close enough just to see what they were about now. 476E4E39-952B-49E3-83CB-FC4EF5A443DF.thumb.jpeg.b82c276bfc43ded3962f22ef496d8825.jpeg




Sarge this Old Chief thinks you're showing your age 🙂


St. Charles moved the P&Y Headquarters and Museum to Chatfield, Mn. in 89. Although it was still in Washington State when I was stationed in Bremerton, Wa. back in the early 80's.


It is not too far from my house and drove by it many times since I moved here. Then a couple of years ago when I was fly fishing it got hot and humid and thought I'd stop in and check it out. Ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there. The curator like most of the people was a volunteer and the 2 of us pretty much had the place to ourselves. Saw a treebark camo shirt and pant hanging on a door and told him I had a set just like it somewhere back at the house. He told me they had been looking for a set for a long time and someone had finally sent one in. 


Quite a collection of bows on the wall and noticed no Darton 50MX which I still have. He said if I hadn't painted it they would love to have it, but of course like everyone else mine had been camo painted since the mid 80's.


Heaviest whitetail ever killed was in Mn. Many of the deer here are absolute pigs and go well over 200 lbs. But they also have good genes and racks to match. Never really knew what Gene and Barry Wensel meant when they talked about River Bottom bucks in the 80's. It was the Mississippi River bottoms. The Wensel's have since moved to Iowa. The "Golden" area for huge racks is that triangle between Iowa, Wi. and Mn. Although Buffalo County Wi. has most of the really good genes. A lot of the mounts at Chatfield are local though, for good reason.


The whitetail behind the world record Griz was shot less than 20 miles from my house.




Typical World Record




Non Typical Record




Art Young




Doctor Saxton Pope first bear. Yes wearing a tie




Russel Moccasin came over from Wi. to take the measurements for the boots, because that is what they wore. Curator said RM didn't have the exact templates on file yet that they wore but came within a few years of them.


And of course Fred



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That is odd. I was stationed at Lewis from ‘96-2000, and that’s when I met Glenn and used to hang out at his shop. Loved messing with his English longbows and self bows and seeing all the stuff like whale baleen he used to back his bows. Maybe he split time between Wa and Mn? 

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Cold Iron

Glenn had stuff scattered all over and not centralized very well. You were a very privileged man to meet him before he passed! From what the curator told me In 89 the record keeping went to a different Glenn, Glenn Hisey in Chatfield, Mn. So all the paper records were transferred to him and Chatfield became the HQ at that time. They started work moving all the "stuff" acquired over the years and the official museum didn't open until 2004, that is when they finally got everything moved and centralized. Well worth the stop if you ever find yourself on I-90 near the area. Of course there is a very strong focus and what little information is known on Ishi. I have no doubt that you would find the stop worthwhile.

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