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For you Ken Burns and/or country music fans...

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CB, the yard man did me a favor when he weed-whacked my DirecTV coax lead into the house.    They had been jacking the fees up for months.  I bought a dinky window antenna which didn't get all stations within 50 miles.  I put up a 20' mast with the Channelmaster 80 mile antenna (good luck on 80) and it doubled my station count bringing in stations up to 54 miles out.  On occasion, I have gotten Charleston which is over 80 miles away.  I have a cheap amp at the feed input in the house.  Sling TV, Netazon (Amaflix?) and I'm set.  Wish I'd done it a longer time ago.  Put your zipcode into this link and see if it's worth the effort.




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5 hours ago, GLS said:

Speaking of George Jones, if they ever do a movie about him, Jim Carrey looks like a young George Jones. 


Exactly what I suggested to my wife.  She doesn't much care, though.  

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