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Rogue Hunter

Jokes anyone?

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Dakota Dogman

For sale:

All original

All there 

Was running well the night grandpa parked it!


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On 5/15/2020 at 5:27 AM, dogrunner said:


I went to college between 1966 and 1972 and I was often mistaken for being a hippie, in fact I was often pulled over by the redneck Southern Illinois police for DWH (driving while hippie). I may have had long hair and a fu manchu mustache but I was much too cynical to ever be a hippie. Universal peace and love? Humans are a much too aggressive a species to ever be able to have universal peace and love! However, when I’d get home my dad would bitch at me about my hair, throw me $10 and tell me to get a haircut ($1.50 for the haircut leaving $8.50 for beer). Now that made having long hair worthwhile! Recently, because of the plague, I went 6 months without a haircut. I was so happy to finally get that mop cut off! I don’t know how women can stand having all that hair!



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Ben Hong

A National Geo photographer was on an assignment to photograph some historic churches  around north America.


His first stop was a quaint little Catholic chapel on the Bayous of Louisiana. After he was finished and was packing up his gear, he noticed a sparkly golden telephone on the wall, with a sign saying "Direct Line to God, $10,000." He asked the priest what was the catch and the Father said no gimmick, people have talked to Him many times. The photographer shrugged and left.


He next headed up to Utah and Mormon country and after recording some magnificent images, he saw a gold telephone again, with the same sign "Talk to God directly, $10,000." When asked the cleric said the same thing as he heard in the chapel on the bayou. This went on at church after church, from Boston, to LA to Minnesota. There were actually people whose faith was so strong that they paid $10,000 to call God.


Near the end of his assignment, he drove to the Maritime province of New Brunswick and the first church he went to was in a quaint lakeside Village of Cambridge-Narrows. Again the photographer noted the Golden Telephone and the direct line to God and commented that there was no price on the sign. The pastor said, oh no we don't  charge because from here it is a local call.



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Mike Connally



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