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WI Outdoor Nut
3 hours ago, caleb said:

Thanks for posting @WI Outdoor Nut.  It's helpful to see the survey.


Question 5 primes the respondent with language about an emergency and West Nile, as well as uses the consultation with other states for legitimacy.  It's essentially making a subtle argument for the closure directly before asking about it.  That influences the result.


I'd still like to see the data in order to know what the 67% support for closure that @Wisconsin mentions means.  Is it 67% of all respondents?  67% who hunted grouse?  67% of those who hunted grouse in January?  67% of those who hunted grouse in January and would "miss it more than all of your other interests" (Question 7)?  We don't know.


We also don't know the sample size or response rate.


But, to an even larger point, using a public opinion survey to determine (or justify) a season closure seems like a bad idea.  I could pretty easily concoct a survey showing that a large majority of the public supports the elimination of trapping.  Should we do it?  Likewise, with shorter or longer deer seasons, or antlerless permits, or slot limits.  Wildlife management by public opinion survey undermines genuine expertise among wildlife managers, as well as screens them from responsibility for policies and their outcomes.  This sure seems like the "phone a friend" version of wildlife management: I'm not really sure what to do; I don't want to look like a fool guessing on my own; I'll ask the public so at least I'm not all alone if it goes badly.

Caleb - with all of your questions, I would reach out to the WI DNR.  I have found, you need to do some digging, but the information is available.  Then, if you like, bring what you find to the public if that is your agenda.  Let me know if you need some help with names, I have worked with most of the grouse biologist. 

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