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Black Friday Tire Sale Part Deux?

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I got my tires installed on my car yesterday. I can’t say it was a seamless experience. I will preface by saying that I didn’t buy them from the Walmart that I know has a very knowledgeable and professional manager, who has a bunch of old timers and farm boys working for him. I’ve had good experiences there. But since my wife was taking the car for the install, she insisted I get them at the closest and most convenient WM, where it took them 3 tries once to rotate my tires they way I wanted them. My mistake for making that mistake again. 


I drove her van the over 1 hour to work yesterday so she could take my car in. About he time of the appointment I got a call from WM tech saying my wife was there but there was an “issue”. My wheels required stick on weights and they were out of them, due to the high volume of Black Friday installs. Either they could install now and not balance and we bring back later for that, or we could reschedule completely. I said neither was acceptable. I told them to walk across the parking lot to Advance Auto, buy some weights, and install my tires. He said they weren’t allowed to do that, but if my wife bought them, they could use them. So I called Advance and they were out too. Autozone didn’t carry them. Finally I located some downtown at NAPA but you had to buy a box for $72. I was just about to call WM and tell them they needed to buy a $72 box of weights off me, when my wife txted they had found some weights in the boss’s desk drawer. After, the install went fine, the tires ride well and are smooth as silk. 

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